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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Course Alpha Prefix

Each college department and/or special subject area has been assigned an identifying alpha prefix (for example, MATH.1310). View the list of subject areas on the Office of the Registrar's website.

Course Numbers 

Course numbers consists of the four digits that follow the course/department prefix (for example, MATH.1310). Courses numbered 0001-0999 are pre-freshman and special undergraduate courses and do not carry baccalaureate degree credit. Those numbered 1000-2999 are lower-division undergraduate courses and those numbered 3000-4999 are upper-division undergraduate courses. Associate degree and Community College credits may not fulfill any upper level 3000/4000 level undergraduate degree requirement. The 4000 level courses are generally limited to juniors and seniors majoring in a field but are open, with permission, to other advanced undergraduates and to graduate students.

Directed studies courses and practicum experience courses are generally limited by departmental policy to students majoring in the area in which such courses are offered.

Courses numbered 5000-5999 are graduate courses open to upper division undergraduates with the consent of instructors and chairpersons. Courses numbered 6000 and above are graduate courses open only to graduate students. 

Course Restrictions

Special course pre-requisites, co-requisites, and enrollment restrictions are indicated at the end of the course description. A course listed as a pre-requisite must have been completed and passed prior to taking the course for which the pre-requisite is specified.

A course listed as a co-requisite must be taken during the same semester as the course for which the co-requisite is specified. Subject to college or department policy to the contrary, exceptions may be granted by the designated department chair.

Courses that carry such notations as "open for majors only" and "sophomore status required" are restricted to the specified students. Courses that carry the notation "permission of instructor" require instructor's approval. Approved students will be given permission numbers to enroll through self-service.

Courses at the 1000-3000 levels that do not carry pre-requisite, co-requisite, and enrollment restrictions are open for election by all students unless general restrictions have been listed under the department or course area heading, or unless policy of the college or department in which the student is matriculated prohibits such registration.