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ENVI.4160 Climate Change: Science, Communication, and Solutions (Formerly 81.416/BIOL.4160)

Id: 036711 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Like many of the 'grand challenges' currently facing society, climate change is a complex problem that cuts across academic disciplines, including the physical sciences, biology, engineering, economics, political sciences, and behavioral psychology. In this course, we integrate recent research from many of these disciplines to explore the scientific basis of climate change, its impacts on the natural world and human society, and societal responses to it. Through interactive simulations, class discussions, lectures, current scientific literature, and student-led projects (such as video production and dynamic modeling), the goal of this course is to empower students to come to their own decisions about how society can address the climate change challenge.


Co-req: ENVI.4170L Climate Change: Science, Communication, and Solutions Lab.

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