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BMSC.3310 Clinical Immunology (Formerly 36.331 and MLSC.3310)

Id: 004788 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course introduces the fundamental concepts of human immunology, focusing on the molecules, cells, and tissues associated with the recognition of entities that can elicit an immune response, the various mechanisms via which immune responses are initiated and executed upon recognition of these entities, and the biochemical and physiological regulatory pathways of immune responses. The applications of immunological biotechnology in clinical and laboratory diagnostics will be presented, as well as examples of how the activation of the immune system can lead to disease. Meets Core Curriculum Essential Learning Outcome for Information Literacy (IL) and Written &I Oral Communication (WOC).


HSCI.2520 Physiological Chemistry II, or CHEM.1220 Chemistry II, or CHEM.1120 General Chemistry II.

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