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ARTS.3100 Graphic Design II (formerly 70.310)

Id: 006880 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Students will continue improving their visual communication skills, and develop their ability to take a project to its final stage and render it as a professional portfolio piece. In a variety of print, screen-based, interactive, and time-based projects, students will be expected to conceive inventive, conceptual solutions to design problems. Building on design fundamentals, students are encouraged to maintain consistent, sophisticated design systems and explore various types of image-making. While strengthening their technical proficiency and design process, students will learn to apply concepts to multi-format project deliverables. Common projects include brand identity systems, dat visualization, publication design, poster design, packaging, design for screens, and motion design. Students must earn a C+ or better in this course to continue in the Graphic Design BFA program.


ARTS 1010 Art Concepts, ARTS 1020 Art Concepts II, ARTS 1130 Digital Foundations, ARTS 2010 Form & Content, ARTS 1550 Drawing I, ARTS 1560 Drawing II, and ARTS 2300 Typography I, and ARTS 2100 Graphic Design I

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