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MECH.5200 Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (Formerly 22.520)

Id: 036063 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Mathematical approaches for numerically solving partial differential equations. The focus will be (a) iterative solution methods for linear and non-linear equations, (b) spatial discretization and meshing (c) finite difference methods (FDM), (d) finite volume methods (FVM), (e) finite element methods (FEM) and (f) boundary element methods (BEM). The theory behind of each of these methods will be developed and discussed. Computer programming applications involving the solution of linear and non-linear PDEs in multiple dimensions will play a key role in this course. Unique computer programming assignments will be selected from different engineering/science fields (possibilities include: fluid flow, heat transfer, electrostatics, electromagnetism, structural analysis, medical, ocean engineering etc.) to illustrate the broad applicability of numerical methods. Students will be expected to complete programming assignments -- while most class examples will deal with pseudo code and/or matlab, a working knowledge of one of the following programming languages is recommended: Matlab, Octave, C, C++, fortran, Java, BASIC, or Python.

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