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EECE.2140 Fundamentals of Sound Recording (Formerly 16.214)

Id: 003164 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course serves to instruct sound recording technology through the concepts of voltage, current, power, resistance and Ohm's law; series, parallel and resonant circuits, Kirchhoff's voltage and current laws; the Wheatstone bridge, Thevenin equivalent circuits and maximum power transfer theorem; magnetism, electromagnetism, electromagnetic devices, and transformers; a.c. current, RF signals, capacitors, and inductors; RC, RL, and RLC circuits; d.c. power sources; diodes, transistors, tubes (thermionic emission), and amplifiers. Use of voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, and oscilloscopes are discussed and used in lab throughout the course. Not for ECE students.


Sound Recording Technology majors; Pre-Req: MATH 1320 Calculus II.

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