Our team will build the Eventbrite form and then hand it off to the event organizer to manage. Below is some of the information required to set up the registration. If this is paid event, there is additional information required - please fill out an E-Commerce Request Form. Request an Eventbrite form by submitting a web ticket.

Please provide the needed information via a web ticket (for web content) AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOU INTEND PUBLICIZE your event.

    • Event Title (75 characters or less)
    • Location (Virtual or on campus and if so where)
    • Date (please indicate if multiple dates, times, locations)
    • Start Time - in increments of :30 (nothing on the quarter hours)
    • End Time - in increments of :30 (nothing on the quarter hours)
    • Event Summary (required) 140 characters or less. The 140 characters include spaces and all letters and punctuation. There is no way to omit it.
    • Event Description (text description for registration homepage, contact email for questions etc.)
    • Banner Image (2160 x 1080 pixels or larger that can be cropped to these specifications). No text on image and upper left hand corner should be free as the UML logo goes there.
    • Hosting Department etc. name
    • Email from which invitation will be sent
    • Who needs administrative access to the form after it is published (include their email addresses)
    • Ticket types (student, community, etc.), including quantity available of each kind.
    • Cost: is it free or does it cost (how much)? Are there multiple types/prices or just one?

    Note: University policy is that we absorb fees associated with using Eventbrite, please price your event accordingly. No tickets can be sold at the door.

    • Will attendees need to receive a paper or digital ticket?
    • How many tickets can each person RSVP for? One or more? 

    Special Event pricing option examples:

    • Early Bird (when does it end?)
    • Normal
    • Late (until when?)
    • Students
    • UMass Lowell
    • External
    • Other

    Any special options? (e.g., choice of dinner, workshop, etc.)

    Ticket Order Form Fields

    The default registration fields are: first name, last name and email address.

    Please note if there is additional information you would like to collect (title, organization, etc.) including customized questions.

    Learn how to add fields.

    • Confirmation web message
    • Confirmation email “from” address (same as in event description for questions?)
    • Confirmation email message (Each ticket type can have a separate message)
    • If virtual do you have a Zoom link and information you'd like to include?

    Note: a reminder email is automatically sent to attendees 48 hours before the event. Learn how to make changes to this email.

  • There are four levels of privacy for events that you can adjust at any time:

    1. Public: Your event is visible on our site and search engines like Google. With public events, pick an event type and topic so attendees can find your event.
    2. Private - there are three options:
      1. Anyone with the link. Your event can't be found via search, but people with the URL can see the event page. (You can choose to let the event be shared on social media.)
      2. Only people with an Eventbrite invitation. Attendees can only register through the Eventbrite invitation you send them.
      3. Only people with the password. You set a password attendees must enter to see your event page.
  • When your form is handed over to you, start promoting your event! Want to spread the word? Here are free tools you can use through Eventbrite:

    Search Eventbrite's Help Center