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Distinguished University Professor

The current contract between the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) and the Massachusetts Society of Professors (MSP), stipulates that the University shall appoint “University Professors.” The purpose of the University Professor appointment is to acknowledge a faculty member who is recognized by peers as having made truly outstanding contributions over a number of years. In other words, the aim is to acknowledge significant accomplishments achieved over time, rather than to identify junior faculty who have potential for future accomplishments. 
Nominations should consist of vitae and a two or three page letter. Nominations may be submitted by any UMass Lowell faculty member on behalf of a tenured full professor. Self-nominations are permitted.
Criteria for selection will mirror the rank and tenure criteria, including:
  1. Exemplary teaching, as attested by faculty chair reports and student evaluations.
  2. Outstanding research productivity, as documented by scholarly publications, external grants and/or sponsored research that have generated professional acclaim.
  3. Extraordinary service that has advanced the university mission of outreach to support the economic, social, cultural, health and/or education development of the region.
Per contract, the selection committee consists of: The Provost (or designee), the MSP President (or designee) and a third person selected annually by agreement between the Provost and MSP President. 
The individual selected as University Professor will receive an annual salary supplement of $10,000 as well as one course reduction for each semester during the term of the appointment.. The individual’s department will also receive an annual allocation of $10,000 to cover the approximate $5,000 cost of a replacement adjunct instructor each semester. The individual selected must agree to deliver a university-wide lecture during the first year of the appointment. Individuals nominated but not selected in a given year will retain active consideration without need for re-nomination for three years. 
Deadline and Address 
Nominations are solicited in late spring every year with a deadline of the first week of June for receipt of nominations. Nominations should be submitted to, Academic Affairs, University Crossing, Room 480. 

University Professors

Past recipients include: 
  • Susan Braunhut, Biological Sciences, 2008-2011 
  • Kenneth Geiser, Work Environment, 2009-2012 
  • Robert Giles, Physics and Applied Physics, 2010-2013 
  • Regina Panasuk, Graduate School of Education, 2011-2014 
  • Stephen McCarthy, Plastics Engineering, 2012-2015 
  • Laura Punnett, Work Environment, 2013-2016 
  • Pradeep Kurup, Civil Engineering, 2014-2017 
  • Holly Yanco, Computer Science, 2015-2018
  • Robert Forrant, History, 2016-2019
  • Joey Mead, Plastics Engineering, 2017-2020