University Crossing Banner Policy

  1. Authorized uses; representatives: an event held on the University Campus may be publicized by a banner in authorization under this procedure. An academic or administrative unit, recognized group or organization, or affiliated organization.
  2. Request Form: the group requesting banner space must file an online request via 25Live at least 14 working days before the proposed date of the banner. The request must contain all required information, including the sponsor or authorized group; the name of, and contact information for an authorized representative; the nature, date, and time of the event; the removal date if requesting a banner for longer than a month.
  3. Banner Content:
    • The primary message on an event banner must communicate accurately the nature of the event and sponsor. Additional useful content includes the place, date, and time of the event, and ticket purchase information.
    • The text of the message may not imply University sponsorship or endorsement without prior written authorization from the appropriate University official.
    • The banner may not contain unlawful speech, nor promote the consumption of alcohol or the use of illegal substances.
  4. Banner Requirements:
    • All banners must be of professional quality (e.g., heavy vinyl or canvas with grommets or reinforced holes equally spaced over the top and bottom of the banner).
    • Banner size must be 4' by 10'.
    • No more than one (1) banner per organization, department, or event will be hung during any given time.
    • After the designated hang time of one (1) month has passed, if the authorized representative does not retrieve the banner, University Crossing Operations Staff reserve the right to discard the banner.
  5. Exceptions: Any exceptions to the policy must be approved in writing in advance by the Senior Associate Director of University Crossing Operations. Depending on programming in the building, a banner may be taken down for one (1) day during a reservation. After the program or event has concluded, the banner will be replaced.
  6. Priority of requests: Except under extraordinary circumstances, requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.
  7. Banner Locations:
    • 2nd Floor in front of Suite 200. Maximum of two (2) banners at a time

Floor clings follow the same guidelines. Facilities will put down and take up floor clings.