Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

CPR & First Aid

UMass Lowell's Emergency Medical Service is also a CPR and First Aid training organization through the American Heart Association. We can train you or your group to meet your job requirements or if you just want to better prepare yourself for you or your family's potential medical emergencies. We are able to offer a very competitive price for our courses.  If you are a student in the College of Health, email us at UMLEMS_CPR@uml.edu to schedule your CPR class today! 

National Collegiate CPR Day

Join UMass Lowell Emergency Medical Services in celebrating National Collegiate CPR Day! On Tuesday, November 10, 2015 campus-based emergency medical service providers on college and university campuses across North America will join together to educate their fellow college students in the basic principles of CPR and provide them with the skills to save a life.  Our dedicated UMass Lowell EMTs will be all over campus providing hands on training! Stop by one of the the many tables to learn the basic skills of CPR and possible save a life! 

CPR and First Aid Training Dates

CPR and First Aid Costs

  • Health Care Provider (BLS) and First Aid: $90
  • Health Care Provider (BLS) Initial: $70
  • Health Care Provider (BLS) Refresher: $45
  • Heartsaver CPR/AED: $45
  • First Aid: $20

Courses Offered

First Aid

Teaches basic First Aid for burns, punctures, lacerations, seizures, heart attacks, diabetic emergencies, severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), breathing problems/chocking, fainting, strokes, shock, head/neck injuries and broken bones or sprains.

Heart Saver (Lay-Person) Certification

The American Heart Association (AHA) Heart Saver course is a basic course intended for people who have no medical training that teaches cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). It is the course we teach to UMass Lowell R.A.'s, Recreation Center staff, ROTC members and others. It is ideal for individuals who are responsible for large groups of people through their employment or activities. Upon certification, you have no legal obligation to help a person in need dictated by the AHA or Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and you cannot be sued for attempting or not attempting to help a person.

Health Care Provider (HCP or BLS) Certification

The AHA HCP course is an advanced course intended for people who will be working in the medical field. The CPR course is required for EMTs, nurses, first responders, and doctors. Includes CPR and AED use.

We also teach the refresher course for HCP/BLS certifications, which requires that you have a current AHA HCP/BLS CPR certification.

Please note that there are two different certification levels for CPR (Heart Saver or Health Care Provider/BLS). Be sure to know which you are registering for.


Register using our online CPR registration form

If you have any questions, e-mail us at UMLEMS_CPR@uml.edu.