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Parking Citations

Collections & Violations

In an ongoing effort to enhance campus safety and ensure fair and consistent parking for the entire campus community, the UMass Lowell is introducing a new procedure to collect unpaid parking fines. The new policy was approved by the cross-campus parking committee made up of faculty, staff and students.

If parking citations issued on campus are not paid or appealed after 21 days, a $5 late fee will be added and the citation sent to a third-party processing center and must be paid to Kelly & Ryan Associates, Inc. Deputy Collector. A late notice will also be sent to the vehicle owner at the mailing address listed at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

If no action is taken after 60 days of the citation, an additional state-issued $20 fee will be added to the fine and the citation will be sent to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The driver's license and registration of the registered owner will not be eligible for renewal until the citation and additional fees are paid.

All money collected from the base parking fines on campus is deposited into the student scholarship fund.

Citation Options:

Parking Violations

Code Description Fine Additional Notes
31 No Current UMass Lowell Decal $35 N/A
32 Violating Overnight Parking Restriction $25 N/A
33 Blocking Driveway, Vehicles or Other Access/Exit $25 N/A
34 Parking in a Fire Lane or Within 10 ft. of Fire Hydrant $25 N/A
35 Parking on Lawn/Island $25 N/A
36 Parking in Reserved Space $25 N/A
37 Parking on Sidewalk $25 N/A
38 Parking in a Marked "No Parking or Tow Area" $15 immediate tow
39 Over Time Limit in a Restricted Time Parking Area $25 N/A
40 Not Following Snow Emergency Regulations $25 N/A
41 Failure to Park Between Marked Lines $25 N/A
42 Parking in a Driveway $25 N/A
43 Parking Within an Intersection $15 N/A
44 Parking in a Handicapped Space $100 immediate tow
45 Parking in a Bus Stop $25 N/A
46 Breaking Gate $150-250 N/A
47 Tailgating through gate $25 N/A
48 Storage Parking w/o Permission/Abandoned Vehicle $25 immediate tow
49 No Guest Hang-Tag in Visitor Lot $25 N/A
50 Parking in Areas Other than Assigned Lots $25 N/A
51 Other - See Comments $25 N/A
52 Expired Parking Meter $25 N/A
W Warning - See Comments $0 N/A