The Chemistry department has many ties to industry. A number of research centers have emerged that combine the educational resources of academia with the financial resources of industry. And to train men and women for careers in these and other areas, the department offers the Bachelor of Science, the Master of Science in both thesis and non-thesis programs, and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees in several fields of chemistry. The Department of Chemistry features both undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for continuing studies.

Our Students: Past and Present

Benedicta Agyemang-Brantuo works in a lab
Benedicta Agyemang-Brantuo '22

Benedicta Agyemang-Brantuo won the 2021 MLK Service Award for starting a club to address health disparities – amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

There’s a Martin Luther King quote that inspired me: ‘Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.’
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Meghan Berking and her team, Team New York, at the finish line for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults 4K, a run from San Francisco to New York City
Meghan Berking '19

Meghan Berking ran across the country to raise $7,500 for cancer research after losing her father to colon cancer.

I came to UMass Lowell for all of the opportunities. I'm in four clubs and they are all very different, but that allows me to be involved in everything I like.
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Peter Barrett headshot
Peter Barrett '74

Chemistry alum Peter Barrett ’74 went from creating new businesses to helping fund the next generation’s business ideas.

The ability to go into a laboratory and actually do experiments is what got me really interested in analytical chemistry.
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Deepak Bhimani UMass Lowell Chemistry Alumni
Deepak Bhimani '62, '63

Deepak Bhimani's love of chemistry led him to pursue a degree in chemical textiles at Lowell Textile Institute. His education resulted in the creation of several successful companies, and spurred a desire to give back to the University.

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Frances Skinner and Professor Gkikas in the chemisty lab
Frances Skinner '19
Chemistry, Political Science

Frances Skinner ’19 gained lab skills and confidence while working in Chemistry Asst. Prof. Manos Gkikas’ lab

I learned a lot of fundamentals in Gkikas’ lab, which gave me a lot more confidence working in a laboratory environment.
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