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Enlightened Bites Past Workshops

The Enlightened Bites (E-Bites) brownbag lunch series spans a variety of topics including proposal writing, grant funding, campus resources and community and corporate engagement. The E-Bites workshops provide a conversational and active space for faculty and staff to share expertise, brainstorm ideas, and generate interdisciplinary collaborations. We welcome speakers, both internally and externally, to share information that will support the advancement of our scholarly activity and drive our excellence in innovation, invention and ingenuity. E-Bites are presented simultaneously in person and and via videoconference, and are archived for viewing.

See the current schedule and register online.

Videos of our past lectures are categorized below.

Proposal Development & Funding Opportunities

  • Answering the So What Questions for Your Research

  • Data Management Plans

  • How to Turn a 30-second Soundbite on NPR into Funding for Your Research

  • How To Write An Effective Project Summary
    This hands-on workshop focused on writing project summaries that stand out and make reviewers want to read your proposal.

  • How to Write Winning Titles and Project Summaries

  • Strategies for Your Proposal: Planning

  • Strategies for Your Proposal: Writing

Resources & Shared Learning for Faculty

  • Fabric Discovery Center
    Learn about potential funding for R&D, education and workforce development, and industry partnerships at the UMass Lowell Fabric Discovery Center.

  • M2D2: Advancing Medical Device and Biotech Innovations

  • Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center

  • NetFlex, the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute

  • Program Evaluation Workshop

  • Research and Engagement Centers at UMass Lowell

Industry & Community Engagement

  • Approaching Industry for Research Funding

  • Community Engagement: Impact, Scholarship, Community Partnerships and Faculty Support
    This session answers your most pressing questions about community engagement and open up some avenues for your teaching and research.