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Publications (2005-2010)

Past Publications

Boston Puerto Rican Health Study 


Lai CQ, Parnell LD, Troen AM, Shen J, Caouette H, Warodomwichit D, Lee YC, Crott JW, Qiu WQ, Rosenberg IH, Tucker KL, Ordovás JM. MAT1A variation are associated with hypertension, stroke, markers of DNA damage and are modulated by plasma vitamin B-6 and folate. Am J Clin Nutr. 2010;91:1377-86. PMCID: PMC2854908 (Link to PubMed)

Todorova I, Falcón LM, Lincoln A, Price LL. Perceived discrimination, psychological distress and health. Sociol Health Illn. 2010;32(6):843-61 (Link to PubMed)

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Gao X, Lai CQ, Scott T, Shen J, Cai T, Ordovas JM, Tucker KL. Urinary 8-hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine and cognitive function in Puerto Rican adults. Am J Epidem. 2010;172(3):271-8. PMCID: PMC3026653 (Link to PubMed)

Noel S, Newby PK, Ordovás JM, Tucker KL. Adherence to an (n-3) Fatty acid/fish intake pattern is inversely associated with metabolic syndrome among Puerto Rican adults in the greater Boston area. J Nutr. 2010;140:1846-54. PMCID: PMC2937577  (Link to PubMed)

Castaneda-Sceppa C, Price L,  Noel SE, Bassett Midle J, Falcón LM, Tucker KL. Physical function and health status in aging Puerto Rican adults: The Boston Puerto Rican Health Study. J Aging Health. 2010;22(5):653-72. (Link to PubMed

Tucker KL, Mattei J, Noel SE, Collado BM, Mendez J, Nelson J, Griffith J, Ordovas, JM, Falcon LM. The Boston Puerto Rican Health Study, a longitudinal cohort study on health disparities in Puerto Rican adults: challenges and opportunities. BMC Pub Health. 2010;10:107. PMCID: PMC2848197 (Link to PubMed)

Mattei J, Demissie S, Falcon LM, Ordovas JM, Tucker KL. Allostatic load is associated with chronic conditions in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study. Soc Sci Med. 2010; 70(12):1988-96. PMCID: PMC2907654 (Link to PubMed)

Noel S, Lai C, Ordovás JM, Tucker KL. Variants of the CD36 gene and metabolic syndrome in Boston Puerto Rican adults. Atherosclerosis. 2010;211:210-15. PMCID: PMC2923842 (Link to PubMed

Rodríguez-Galán MB, Falcón, LM. Patterns of social activity engagement among older Hispanics and their relationship to sociodemographic and health variables. Activities, Adaptation & Aging. 2010;34(4):251-75. (Link to Activities, Adaptation & Aging)

Rioux CL, Tucker KL, Mwamburi M, Gute DM, Cohen SA, Brugge D. Residential traffic exposure, pulse pressure and C-reactive protein: consistency and contrast among exposure characterization methods. Environ Health Perspect. 2010;118(6):803-11. PMCID: PMC2898857 (Link to PubMed)

Shen J, Lai CQ, Mattei J, Crott JQ,Ordovas JM, Tucker KL. Association of vitamin B6 status with inflammation, oxidative stress and chronic inflammatory conditions: the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study. Am J Clin Nutr. 2010;91(2):337-342. PMCID: PMC2806890 (Link to PubMed)

Junyent M, Tucker KL, Shen J, Lee Y-C, Smith CE, Mattei J, Lai C-Q, Parnell LD, Ordovás JM. A composite scoring of genotypes discriminates coronary heart disease risk beyond conventional risk factors in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study. Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis 2010;20(3):157-64. (Link to PubMed)

Junyent M, Tucker KL, Smith CE, Lane JM, Mattei J, Lai C-Q, Parnell LD, Ordovás JM. The effects of ABCG5/G8 polymorphisms on HDL cholesterol concentrations depend on ABCA1 genetic variants in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study. Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis 2010;20(8):558-66. (Link to PubMed)

Smith CE, Tucker KL, Lai C-Q, Parnell LD , Lee Y-C , Ordovás JM. Apolipoprotein A5 and lipoprotein lipase interact to modulate anthropometric measures in Hispanics of Caribbean origin. Obesity 2010;18(2):327-332. PMCID: PMC2813926 (Link to PubMed)


Corella D, Peloso G, Arnett DK, Demissie S, Cupples LA, Tucker K, Lai CQ, Parnell LD, Coltell O, Lee YC, Ordovas JM. APOA2, dietary fat, and body mass index: replication of a gene-diet interaction in 3 independent populations. Arch Intern Med. 2009;169(20):1897-1906. PMCID: PMC2874956 (Link to PubMed)

Falcón LM, Todorova I, Tucker K. Social support, life events, and psychological distress among the Puerto Rican population in the Boston area of the United States. Aging & Mental Health 2009;13:863-873. (Link to PubMed)

Mattei J, Demissie S, Tucker KL, Ordovás JM. Apolipoprotein A5 polymorphisms interact with total dietary fat intake in association with markers of metabolic syndrome in Puerto Rican older adults. J Nutr 2009;139:2301-2308. PMCID: PMC2777477 (Link to PubMed)

Mattei J, Parnell LD, Lai C-Q, Garcia-Bailo B, Adiconis X, Shen J, Arnett D, Demissie-Banjaw S, Tucker KL, Ordovás JM. Disparities in allele frequencies and population differentiation for 101 single nucleotide polymorphisms between Puerto Rican and US-non-Hispanic white older adults. BMC Genetics 2009;10:45. PMCID: PMC2734553 (Link to PubMed)

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Chanson A, Parnell LD, Ciappio ED, Liu Z, Crott JW, Tucker KL, Mason JB. Polymorphisms in uracil-processing genes, but not one-carbon nutrients, are associated with altered DNA uracil concentrations in an urban Puerto Rican population. Am J Clin Nutr 2009; 89(6):1927-36. PMCID: PMC2683003 (Link to PubMed)

Gao X, Scott T, Falcon LM, Wilde PE, Tucker KL. Food insecurity and cognitive function in Puerto Rican adults. Am J Clin Nutr, Apr 2009; 89: 1197-1203. PMCID: PMC2667463 (Link to PubMed)

Lai CQ, Parnell LD, Garcia-Bailo B, Tucker KL, Ordovás J. WDTC1, the ortholog of Drosophila adipose gene, associates with human obesity, modulated by MUFA intake. Obesity 2009;17:593-600. PMCID: PMC2874970 (Link to PubMed)

Lai CQ, Tucker KL, Choudhry S, Parnell LD, Mattei J, García-Bailo B, Beckman K, Burchard EG, Ordovás JM. Population admixture associated with disease prevalence in the Boston Puerto Rican health study. Hum Genet. 2009 Mar;125(2):199-209. PMCID: PMC2727756 (Link to PubMed)

Perez-Martinez P, Corella D, Shen J, Arnett DK, Yiannakouris N, Tai ES, Orho-Melander M, Tucker KL, Tsai M, Straka RJ, Province M, Kai CS, Perez-Jimenez F, Lai CQ, Lopez-Miranda J, Guillen M, Parnell LD, Borecki I, Kathiresan S, Ordovas JM. Association between glucokinase regulatory protein (GCKR) and apolipoprotein A5 (APOA5) gene polymorphisms and triacylglycerol concentrations in fasting, postprandial, and fenofibrate-treated states. Am J Clin Nutr. Jan 2009;89(1):391-9. PMCID: PMC2647710 (Link to PubMed)

Junyent M, Tucker KL, Smith CE, Garcia-Rios A, Mattei J, Lai CQ, Parnell LD, Ordovas JM. The effects of ABCG5/G8 polymorphisms on plasma HDL cholesterol concentrations depend on smoking habit in the Boston Puerto Rican health study. J Lipid Res. 2009;50:565-73. PMCID: PMC2638110 (Link to PubMed)


DeVos L, Chanson A, Liu Z, Ciappio ED, Parnell LD, Mason JB, Tucker KL, Crott JW. Associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms in folate uptake and metabolizing genes with blood folate, homocysteine, and DNA uracil concentrations. Am J Clin Nutr. 2008 Oct;88(4):1149-58. PMCID: PMC2728423 (Link to PubMed)

Orho-Melander M, Melander O, Guiducci C, Perez P, Corella D, Roos C, Rieder MJ, Abecasis G, Tai ES, Arnett DK, Lyssenko V, Saxena R, de Bakker P, Burtt N, Voight B, Hirschorn JN, Tucker KL, Hedner T, Tuomi T, Isomaa B, Eriksson KF, Taskinen MR, Hughes TE, Parnell LD, Lai CQ, Peltonen L, Vartiainen E, Jousilahti P, Salomaa V, Groop L, Altshuler D, Ordovás JM, Kathiresan S. A common missense variant in the glucokinase regulatory protein (GCKR) gene is associated with increased plasma triglyceride but lower fasting glucose levels. Diabetes. 2008; 57(11):3112-21. PMCID: PMC2570409 (Link to PubMed)

Paskett ED, Reeves KW, McLaughlin JM, Katz ML, McAlearney AS, Ruffin MT, Halbert CH, Merete C, Davis F, Gehlert S. Recruitment of minority and underserved populations in the United States: the Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities experience. Contemp Clin Trials. Nov 2008;29(6):847-61. PMCID: PMC2642621 (Link to PubMed

Smith CE, Tucker KL, Yiannakouris N, Garcia-Bailo B, Mattei J, Lai CQ, Parnell LD, Ordovás JM. Perilipin polymorphism interacts with dietary carbohydrates to modulate anthropometric traits in hispanics of Caribbean origin. J Nutr. Oct 2008;138(10):1852-1858. PMCID: PMC2596596 (Link to PubMed)

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Tucker KL. Stress and nutrition in relation to excess development of chronic disease in Puerto Rican adults living in the Northeastern USA. J Med Invest. 2005 Nov;52 Suppl:252-8. (Link to PubMed)