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Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis

Regression analyses are performed to extract parameters from measured data, to define physical characteristics of a system.

The MATLAB GUIs are available for both MATLAB 6.5 and 7.0. In addition, MATLAB .exe files are also available for those without MATLAB and can be used with the MATLAB Runtime Engine.

See the general MATLAB GUI instruction file below for more information on system requirements and how to run the GUIs. The LabVIEW GUI .zip files contain a stand-alone version which does not require LabVIEW to run. See the readme in the .zip file for more information. Each GUI .zip file contains a document of suggested exercises to be performed with the GUI.

Regression AnalysisView File
Regression Analysis Tutorial
Tutorial containing multiple exercises to demonstrate how to perform regression analysis in Excel and MATLAB, and the use of standard deviation to determine validity of data points and/or regression line.
Regression Analysis Tutorial (pdf)
Regression Analysis Project
This project, given in a math methods course, introduces the students to regression analysis using MATLAB and Excel, with the intent of making them think about how to apply the techniques.
Regression Analysis Project (pdf)
Regression Analysis GUI Download
M6.5 and M7.0 open in MATLAB, EXE is a stand-alone GUI
Allows the user to perform first- through fourth-order regression on a data set, and view the regression equation and R-squared coefficient. Example data sets included, or user-defined data may also be used. Points may be selected and de-selected to examine the effect on the regression result.
M6.5 GUI Download
M7.0 GUI Download
EXE GUI Download
GUI Operation ExplanationGUI Operation Explanation (pdf)
GUI AssignmentAvailableGUI Assignment (pdf)