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Multi-Semester Interwoven Project for Teaching Basic Core STEM Material Critical for Solving Dynamic Systems Problems

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view any pdf files. It can be download for free from the Adobe website.

MATLAB MaterialsView File
List of MATLAB Commands
MATLAB commands which are useful in Dynamic Systems.
MATLAB Commands (pdf)
Importing and Exporting to Excel
How to import and export data from MATLAB and Simulink to Excel.
Import/Export to Excel (pdf)
Simulink MaterialsView File
Basic Simulink Introduction
Very basic introduction to Simulink (assumes no prior knowledge).
Basic Simulink Intro (pdf)
Simulink Block Summary
Simulink blocks commonly used in Dynamic Systems.
Simulink Block Summary (pdf)
LTI Viewer and MUX Block in Simulink
Use of these blocks in Simulink, with examples using a first-order RC circuit model. In-depth discussion of Bode plots.
LTI Viewer and MUX Block (pdf)
Modeling and Impulse in Simulink
Detailed instructions on three methods for modeling an impulse in Simulink.
Modeling and Impulse (pdf)
State Space and Transfer Function Blocks in Simulink
How to express an ODE in state-space form and as a transfer function, and how to use the corresponding blocks in Simulink.
State Space and Transfer Function (pdf)
LabVIEW MaterialsView File
LabVIEW Introduction
Overview of LabVIEW Software.
LabVIEW Intro (pdf)
LabVIEW Fourier Series Project
Assignment for a Student-Built FFT Analyzer Project in LabVIEW
LabVIEW Fourier Series (pdf)