Weaning America's Dependence on chemicals linked to cancer

Thought Leaders working to address the complex relationship between of health, justice and environment speak out about the need to collaborate across sectors to solve some of the greatest challenges facing human health today.

To create a national movement, the Lowell Center co-founded with partnering organizations the Cancer Free Economy Network in 2014, which brings a range of organizations to work collectively towards its North Star Goal: " Within our generation, we will lift the burden of cancer and other diseases by driving a dramatic and equitable transition from toxic substances in our lives, our communities, and our economy to safe and healthy alternatives for all.”

The Lowell Center's work focuses on strategies for:

  • Weaning our economy from dependence on chemicals and other environmental factors scientifically linked to cancer and other chronic diseases
  • Shifting investment towards products and processes that enhance health and well-being
  • Integrating environmental carcinogen reduction into cancer prevention research and practice.
Conference participants sit at tables and look at screen with presentation on it Image by Blue Lens

The Lowell Center was instrumental in the founding of the Cancer and Environment Network of Southwestern Pennsylvania, now a vibrant collaboration of diverse organizations working together to elevate attention to environmental contributors to cancer and advance solutions.

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