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Programs of Study

Energy Engineering: Renewable & Nuclear Options

The Energy Engineering Program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is designed to prepare students to perform state-of-the-art work on energy systems. Option tracks in Renewable Engineering (through the Department of Mechanical Engineering) and Nuclear Engineering (through the Department of Chemical Engineering) are available.


The Renewable Energy Engineering option began over twenty-five years ago with a focus on solar energy, but over time has expanded to encompass several renewable energy technologies, including wind turbines, fuel cells and green combustion.

The Nuclear Energy Engineering option began in the 1960’s with the establishment of the nuclear science center that include the 1 MW research reactor and the accelerator in early 1970’s. This was the only public institution in New England with a nuclear engineering program with a focus on nuclear power plant safety, radiation shielding and protection, and advanced radiation detectors to promote the safe, security and sustainable use of nuclear energy.

The Energy Engineering Program offers both Master's and Doctoral degrees, as well as a Minor and Graduate Certificates in Renewable Energy Engineering and Wind Energy Engineering. Find out more information about: