Murat Inalpolat, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Murat Inalpolat

Associate Chair for Doctoral Studies, Associate Professor

College of Sciences
Mechanical Engineering


Structural health monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics, damage detection, structural dynamics, acoustics, signal processing, mechanical design and nonlinear dynamics

Research Interests

  • Diagnostics and prognostics of rotating machinery, damage detection and identification, Bayesian methods, manufacturing uncertainties and their effects on efficiency, reliability and sustainability


  • Ph D: Mechanical Engineering, (2009), Ohio State University - Columbus Ohio
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: A theoretical and experimental investigation of modulation sidebands of planetary gear
  • MS: Mechanical Engineering, (2009), Ohio State University - Columbus Ohio
  • MS: Mechanical Engineering, (2004), Middle East Technical University - Ankara, Turkey
    Dissertation/Thesis Title:Determination of vibroacoustical behavior of plates by intensity methods
  • BS: Mechanical Engineering, (2001), Dokuz Eylul University - Izmir, Turkey


Murat Inalpolat, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Prior to his appointment with University of Massachusetts, he was a mechanical engineer for General Electric’s R&D Center from 2010 to 2014, leading and supporting different research and development projects for wind energy, aviation, transportation and steam turbine businesses with focus on energy, efficiency, dynamics, diagnostics and power density improvement of machinery.

He held positions at The Ohio State University, first as a research associate and then as a postdoctoral fellow working on geared system dynamics and noise.

He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University. He holds M.S degrees both from The Ohio State University and Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.

He has been a reviewer for well received journals such as Journal of Sound and Vibration, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing and ASME Journal of Mechanical Design.

He was previously awarded by CTI (Car Training Institute of Germany) with the prestigious “Young Drive Experts” award based on his quality of the research undertaken and currently holds three patents on the turbomachinery design, clearances and their optimization.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Academic Scholarship - Yasar Trade Group
  • High Honor Certificate - Dokuz Eylul University
  • Performance Award, Leadership - General Electric
  • Green Belt Certification (2011) - General Electric
  • –Young Drive Experts" award (2009) - Car Training Institute of Germany
  • Marquis Who's Who Publications. (2009) - Princeton Global Networks
  • Top four best technology theses (2004) - M.A.N Truck Company
  • High Honor student (2001) - Dokuz Eylul University

Selected Publications

  • Willis, D., Niezrecki, C., Kuchma, D., Hines, E., Arwade, S., Barthelmie, R., DiPaola, M., Drane, P., Hansen, C., Inalpolat, M., Mack, J., Myers, A., Rotea, M. (2018). Wind energy research: State-of-the-art and future research directions. Renewable Energy, 125 133 - 154.
  • Fyler, D.C., Inalpolat, M., Lee, S.H., Lee, H.K. (2017). A Design Framework to Improve the Dynamic Characteristics of Double Planet Planetary Gearsets. Rotating Machinery, Hybrid Test Methods, Vibro-Acoustics & Laser Vibrometry, Volume 8!!!, 405.
  • Fyler, D.C., Inalpolat, M. (2016). A Dynamic Model for Double-Planet Planetary Gearsets. ASME Journal of Vibration & Acoustics!!!, 138(2) 1.
  • Canturk, R., Inalpolat, M. (2016). Development of an Acoustic Sensing Based SHM Technique for Wind Turbine Blades. Dynamics of Civil Structures, Volume 2 (9783319297507), 95.
  • Su, J., Inalpolat, M., Ge, T., Esmaeilzadeh, H., Sun, H. (2016). Experimental Study and Analysis of Dropwise Condensation Using Quartz Crystal Microbalance (1: pp. Heat Transfer Division - ). ASME 2016 Heat Transfer Summer Conference, HT 2016, collocated with the ASME 2016 Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting and the ASME 2016 14th International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels
  • Poozesh, P., Aizawa, K., Niezrecki, C., Bagersad, M., Inalpolat, M., Heilmann, G. (2016). Structural health monitoring of wind turbine blades using acoustic microphone array. Structural Health Monitoring, 1-15.
  • Regan, T., Canturk, R., Slavkovsky, E., Niezrecki, C., Inalpolat, M. (2016). Wind Turbine Blade Damage Detection Using Various Machine Learning Algorithms. ASME IDETC International Conference
  • Aizawa, K., Poozesh, P., Niezrecki, C., Inalpolat, M., Heilmann, G. (2015). Wind Turbine Blade Health Monitoring Using Acoustics Array Measurements. SPIE Health Monitoring of Structural and Biological Systems, 2015
  • Luo, H., Hatch, C., Hanna, J., Kalb, M., Weiss, A., Winterton, J., Inalpolat, M., Dannehy, C. (2014). Amplitude Modulations in Planetary Gears. Wind Energy, 17(4) 505-517.
  • Inalpolat, M., Handschuh, M., Kahraman, A. (2014). Impact of indexing errors on spur gear dynamics. International Gearing Conference 2014

Selected Intellectual Property

  • Patent - Inalpolat, M., Niezrecki, C."A wireless acoustic sensing based method for structural health monitoring of wind turbine blades,"

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • 2015 Wind Energy Research Workshop (2015), Grant - National Science Foundation
    Hansen, C.J. (Co-Principal), Willis, D.J. (Principal), Sherwood, J.A. (Co-Principal), Niezrecki, C. (Co-Principal), Inalpolat, M. (Co-Principal)