Faculty Account Application

To open a Core Research Facilities (CRF) Faculty account, complete and submit the account application. Please supply all requested information.

  • Please list your name as the account name.
  • Do not list your account as UMass Lowell or your department.
  • Since the application form is able to accommodate external users as well please use the “automatic fill buttons” to complete the fields requesting billing and signatory official information.
  • Please supply an account passphrase on your application. The passphrase is assigned by you, the account holder to safeguard your account.

Upon electronic receipt of your application you will be issued a CRF account number. The account number and passphrase will be emailed to you. Please forward this information to students authorized to use your account in order for them to apply for user registration. A user account is automatically generated person completing the account application form.

User Registration

Once CRF Account is established, students authorized to use the account may register for a user id. Users are required to provide the faculty CRF account number and passphrase on the user registration form.

Users are required to create a password for their login credentials. The password needs to be at least 8 characters. This password is encrypted and unreadable by anyone. Please email: crf@uml.edu to have your password reset.

User Rates

Internal user rates are direct cost based upon a cost recovery model in accordance with government guidelines. Industry rates are posted on the Core Research Facilities website. Internal rates, industry partners, academic and government rates are viewable upon users login to the CRF reservation system. Core Research Facilities are subsidized by UMass Lowell. The UMass Lowell subsidy is applied in our cost model prior to determining the direct cost allocation in our billing rates.

Rates include lab supplies*, stock materials, short use of the research laboratory ancillary and equipment and tools.

In accordance with federal guidelines CRF user rates are reviewed on an annual basis to coincide with the University’s fiscal year. Published rates will be reviewed and possibly adjusted July 1 of each fiscal year.

Note 1: Once users are certified, lab staff will provide minimal guidance (less than 10 minutes for each occurrence free of charge) for sample preparation, etc. Users requiring sample preparation must reserve “sample prep services” from the order menu.

Note 2* (Rates for the Nanofabrication Laboratory include gowning for one person. Gowning for additional guests must be ordered as an additional line item on the ordering system). Users of the experimental bays are required to prepay any and all related equipment installation and removal cost.

Safety Training

All “self-use” instrument users must complete Level 1(UMass Lowell General Training and Level 2 (lab specific safety training) prior to lab entry. Level 1 safety training may be completed online on the Life Safety & Emergency Management website.

Level 2 safety training is to be coordinated with the specific Lab Director/Manager. There is no charge for safety training.


  • There is no charge for general lab and safety training.
  • Registered CRF users are required to complete training on instruments and be approved by the Lab Manager before registering for self-use. Users should schedule training close to when self-use will start. If there is a lapse of six (6) or more months between training and usage, users are required to re-train on the instrument.
  • Instrument training rate is the combined rate of the hourly self-use rate use plus the blended bill-out labor rate.
  • Instrument SOPs and related documents are available on the instrument listing.

Operating Hours

Standard operating hours for internal users are 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., or as permitted by the specific CRF lab director/manager. The Nanofabrication Lab operates on a 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. schedule.

Instrument use outside standard hours may be coordinated with the lab director/manager. After hours use of any CRF is not permitted without the approval of the lab manager/director.

Orders & Reservations

Our CRISP ™ database provides streamline searches, and order placement and reservations. Using the calendars feature, users may request services (referred to as “assisted use”) to be fulfilled by our lab staff. For such orders, please designate a required due date. When reserving using “self-use” hours, users request a specific time slots for instruments and facilities use. The scheduling tool will inform users when there is a conflict in placing the reservation. Please do not make reservation when there is a schedule conflict with another user. Reservations may be made for all CRF using one order form. Shopping carts remain open in the order system until orders are submitted. Users may use the “notes” feature of the order form to communicate information or ask question of the lab directors/managers.

All order are reviewed and confirmed by the appropriate CRF lab directors/managers. Users will receive an email order confirmation. Order confirmation should be received within 8 business hours of the order request.

Upon completion of an order, CRF lab staff close the order in the CRISP™ database system. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the instruments performance or services rendered, please discuss with the specific CRF lab director/manager.

A 24-hour cancellation policy is requested. Lab Director/Managers have the discretion to require a stricter cancellation policy based upon CRF activity. Users will be billed for “no-shows.” Charges for “no-shows” may not be charged to government sponsored programs and will be charged to faculty discretionary accounts.

SPEED TYPE NUMBERS are required at the time of order. We request that faculty provide their students with the correct speed type number to include on the CRF order. Faculty may email the CRF Business Office with the appropriate speed type number once the billing statement is received. After 30 days if faculty are non-responsive to request for the appropriate charge number, CRF invoices will be charged to the faculty’s discretionary account. Core Research Facilities Agreement may be indicated under the “billing reference” field on the order form.

Use Types

  • Assisted: Assisted use is a service provided by the Core Research Facility. Our professionally trained staff will operate the reserved instrument and provide the data obtained to the user. When a more extensive analysis interpretation or expertise is required, users are to reserve “Lab Staff Analysis and Service” time in addition to instrument time.
  • Training: All self-user are required to complete the prescribed training requirements listed in the description field for each instrument. Users with experience using an instrument must receive a training waiver and prove competency to the appropriate lab director/manager.
  • Self-use: Certified users may reserve instrument use time. NOTE: Once users are certified, lab staff will provide minimal guidance (less than 15 minutes for each occurrence) for sample preparation, etc. Users requiring sample preparation must reserve “sample prep services” from the order menu.

Billing Statements and Payments

  • Billing statements are compiled by all orders for each Core Research Facility.
  • Monthly billing statements are emailed to faculty as well as a pdf copy of the invoice,
  • Billing statements will reflect all orders for the monthly period. Please provide omitted speed type numbers to the CRF Business Office upon receipt of billing statement.
  • The CRF Business Office submits the corresponding journal entry transmittal form to the Bursar’s Office for processing. After 30 days if faculty are non-responsive to requests for the appropriate charge number, CRF invoices will be charged to the faculty’s discretionary account.