Core Research Facilities (CRF) Career Learning Experience Internship Program

Objectives: To enhance the practical scientific skills and academic excellence of the student participant, to stimulate interest in laboratory management careers among science and engineering undergraduate students, and to provide temporary laboratory manpower in addressing occasional staffing needs of the Core Research Facilities.

Program: Five (5) of the CRF labs will participate in the program - Microscopy Core Lab (MCL), Materials and Chemical Characterization Lab (MCCL), Cell Analysis and Imaging Lab (CAI), Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Nanofabrication Lab (NFL). The student intern will rotate between 2-3 of these laboratories, based on their career interests and field of study.

The relevant CRF lab manager will be responsible for mentoring the student intern in both the technical and administrative aspects of managing the daily operation of the laboratory. The proposed curriculum for each laboratory is described below.

Oral Presentation by Student Intern: At the completion of each semester, the student intern is required to deliver to the CRF team a 45 minute oral presentation of his/her program experience with an emphasis on the technical and lab management skills learned with tangible examples/outcomes from the CRF labs that they worked in, and by providing a concluding statement about how they plan to leverage this experience in their future career.

Eligibility: Third- and fourth-year undergraduate students majoring in any Science or Engineering degree at UMass Lowell. A GPA of 3.0+ is preferred/desired.

Department/Location: Core Research Facilities/Olney Science Center and Mark & Elisia Saab Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center (ETIC)

Time Commitment: 12 hours per week x 12 weeks per semester; available for both Fall and Spring Semesters

Stipend: Student will be paid the prevailing rate per the UMass Lowell (UML) Student Employment office.

Certificate of Completion: The CRF shall award a certificate of completion to the student intern at the culmination of the program.

***Applications are being accepted from April 8-24.

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