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Student working on plastic engineering lab

Phase I:

We propose the use of a renewable feedstock, polysaccharide derived from bio-based waste fruit and with no competing food application as starting materials for the synthesis of biosurfactants. By the virtue of their large abundance and structural diversity, polysaccharides are ideal starting materials for well-defined modifications to create surfactants.

Phase II: 

To significantly expand applicability of the new class of polysaccharide based surfactants developed in phase-I in numerous types of cleaning products, these bio-based surfactants require: 

  • Fine tuning starting material and tailoring properties of Phase I bio-surfactants
  • Scaling up synthesis in an energy efficient manner
  • Demonstration of cleaning efficacy in detergent formulations
  • Overall sustainability and long-term viability of these bio-surfactants proposed in this project will be ascertained by carrying out a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).