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The Advanced Electronic Technology Center was established in November of 1990 by a seed grant from the MITRE Corporation. AETC, a part of UMass Lowell, sees its educational mission as giving an opportunity to all ages of school students (middle school, high school, college) to explore scientific topics and, to study engineering. AETC, initiated in 1988, created the Young Engineers Academy to allow all groups of students to study engineering. The AETC promotes the participation of graduate, undergraduate, and high school students in AETC research. After exposure to professional training for number of years, students are ready for the challenges of a technology-oriented workplace.

AETC develops the reliable manufacturing for giga-scale miniaturization technology with the support pf companies such as M/A-COM, MITRE, Polaroid, Raytheon, Triton Systems and others. AETC contributes to UMass Lowell's technology transfer by patenting and publishing novel R&D developments, yet working at the same time in such fundamental fields as solid-state physics, quantum electronics, fundamentals of computer design.

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