Former Students

Every year 8 – 14 undergraduate and graduate students were actively engaged in AETC research. Among them few were awarded Deans Gold Medals and distinguished student status:

  • Dhawal Asthana- Ph.D. Design of novel Solar and Windmill systems (2022)*
  • Mukhammaddin Zinaddinov, Undergraduate. Solar/electric cart (2018)*.
  • Chris Whitehead – M.Sc.,Novel Device for Communication of Deaf / Blind People (2016)*
  • Zachary Durkee-B.S).Undergraduate. Solar/electric bike (2015)*
  • Chris Liessner- Ph.D., High Speed Switch Using Pairs of p-HEMTs with Shifted Gates (2014)*
  • Toshihika Oka-B.S.-Undergraduae. Design of novel photodetector (2014)*
  • Anup Pillai- Ph.D.-Opto-electronics and Biometrics (2013)*
  • John Palma - Ph.D.-Device Modelling-(2012)*
  • Michael Baier - M.Sc., Autonomus Landing Control of Unmanned Quadrotor (2011)*
  • Jorge Velenzuela - M.Sc., Heterostructure Polymer Solar Cells-(2009)*
  • Amey Churi - M.Sc., Quantum Base Bipolar Transistor-(2008)*
  • Shobana Gudimetta - M.Sc., Bipolar Transistor with Quantum Base-(2005)*
  • Carlos Gil- M.Sc. Design of p-HEMT with Tailored Field (2003)*

*Deans Gold Medal Recipient
***Outstanding Graduate Student Recipient in Electrical & Computer Engineering Department