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Transfer Coordinators and Transfer Evaluators


Department / Program Name Title Phone Email Address
Biological Sciences Shaina Roy Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2860
Biological Sciences Carol Myers Transfer Coordinator 978-934-3472
Chemistry James Whitten Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3666
Computer Science David Adams Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3911
Computer Science Sirong Lin Transfer Coordinator 978-934-3620
Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Lori Weeden Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3344
Information Technology Yelena Rykalova Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3620
Mathematical Science James Graham-Eagle Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2712
Mathematical Science Stephen Pennell Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2710
Physics & Applied Physics Nikolay Lepeshkin Transfer Coordinator 978-934-3775
Physics & Applied Physics Robert Giles Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3779


Department / Program Name Title Phone Email Address
American Studies Jonathan Silverman Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4189
Art and Design Michael Roundy Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3498
Art History Kirsten Swenson Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4243
Digital Media Wael Kamal Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4780
Economics Nien Huei Jiang Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2779
English Dina Bozicas Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4179
Film Studies Minor Maria Matz Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4364
Gender Studies Christa Hodapp Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2522
Global Studies Whitley Kaufman Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3913
History Patrick Young Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4276 
Legal Studies Walter Toomey Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2765
Liberal Arts Susan Thomson Tripathy Transfer Coordinator 978-934-4306
Music Amy Dinsmore Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3850
Music Studies Elissa Johnson-Green Transfer Coordinator 978-934-3829 
Music Business Alan Williams Transfer Coordinator 978-934-3868
Music Performance Joshua Millard Transfer Coordinator 978-934-3616
Peace and Conflict Studies David Turcotte Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4682
Peace and Conflict Studies Jason Carter Transfer Coordinator 978-934-6785
Philosophy Whitley Kaufman Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3913
Political Science Jenifer Whitten-Woodring Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4242
Psychology Alice Frye Transfer Coordinator 978-934-3950
Psychology Michael Bar Johnson Transfer Coordinator 978-934-3948
Psychology Andrew Hostetler Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3979
School of Criminology and Justice Studies Christopher Harris Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4105
Sociology Cheryl Souza Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4302
Sound Recording Technology Brandon Vaccaro Transfer Coordinator 978-934-3826
World Languages & Cultures Giulia Delisle Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4450


Department / Program Name Title Phone Email Address
Education Anita Greenwood Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4605


Department / Program Name Title Phone Email Address
Biomedical Engineering Stephen McCarthy Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3417
Chemical Engineering Eric Maase Transfer Coordinator 978-934-3818
Chemical Engineering Alfred Donatelli Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3171
Civil Engineering Edwark Hajduk Transfer Coordinator 978-934-2621
Civil Engineering Donald Leitch Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2273
Civil Engineering Pradeep Kurup Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2278
Electrical and Computer Engineering Jay Weitzen Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3315
Intercollegiate (ENGN) Kavitha Chandra Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3356
Mechanical Engineering Daniel Sullivan Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2568
Plastics Engineering Carol Barry Transfer Coordinator 978-934-3436
Plastics Engineering Stephen Driscoll Transfer Evaluator 978-934-3431
Electrical Engineering Technology (OCE) Gary Howe Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2567
Mechanical Engineering Technology (OCE) Glen Sundberg Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2591


Department / Program Name Title Phone Email Address
Clinical Lab Sciences/Nutrition Mary Elizabeth Hooker Transfer Coordinator 978-934-4424
Exercise Physiology JoAnn Moriarty Baron Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4412
Health Education Nicole Champagne Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4132
Nursing Laurie Soroken Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4270
Physical Therapy Keith Hallbourg Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4402
Public Health Amy Smalarz Transfer Coordinator 978-934-5438


Department / Program Name Title Phone Email Address
Air Force
Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2252
Army Scott Wallace Transfer Evaluator 978-934-4169


Department / Program Name Title Phone Email Address
Business Administration Karen Hvizda Transfer Coordinator 978-934-2687
Business Administration/Accounting Khondkar Karim Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2831
Business Administration/Entrepreneurship Yi Yang Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2813
Business Administration/Finance Saira Latif Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2763
Business Administration/International Business Yi Yang Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2813
Business Administration/Management Stuart Freedman Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2776
Business Administration/MIS Hongwei (Harry) Zhu Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2585
Business Administration/Marketing Yi Yang Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2813
Business Administration/SCOM Hongwei (Harry) Zhu Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2585


Department / Program Name Title Phone Email Address
All Honors College Transfers Erin Maitland Transfer Coordinator 978-934-5771
Honors College Elizabeth Donaghey Transfer Evaluator 978-934-2921