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UMass Lowell student Andre DiFilippo presents student survey findings to administrators and campus leaders

Andre DiFilippo

Andre DiFilippo, Marketing, Management

headshot of UMass Lowell student Andre DiFilippo
“UMass Lowell is the perfect mix for me. It's not too far away, it's financially accessible and I like the diversity of the community. I've quite literally made friends from around the world.”
Andre DiFilippo is an aspiring business consultant. He loves the idea of parachuting in behind a company's front lines and helping its leaders solve problems and improve strategy and efficiency.

"I'm drawn to that work environment - very fast-paced and intense," says DiFilippo, a junior business administration major from Malden with concentrations in marketing and management. "I'm the type to go from fire to fire. I like multitasking."

As chairman of the Student Government Association's Academic Affairs Committee, DiFilippo spearheaded a university-wide survey of almost 1,400 undergraduate students last semester. The survey asked for students' opinions on a wide range of issues, from academics, financial aid and advising to campus technology, food insecurity and mental health. This semester, DiFilippo has been busy presenting the survey findings to administrators and campus leaders - including at a meeting with Chancellor Jacquie Moloney and her executive cabinet. 

For an aspiring business consultant, learning experiences don't get much more tangible than that.

"Presenting to the chancellor was a little nerve-racking, but it was a great experience. It was really well-received," says DiFilippo, who appreciates the fact that every Manning School of Business student is required to take a professional communications course. "Public speaking is a life skill, and the business school really instills that."

Another skill that DiFilippo honed through the survey process was data analytics. Working with Dean of Academic Services Kerry Donohoe and Vice Provost for Student Success Julie Nash, he learned how to use Qualtrics, a leading online survey software.

"A big part of consulting is numbers, which I didn't know," DiFilippo says. "It's not just talking to people; there's a lot of analytics involved. This experience has been awesome for me professionally."

President of his senior class in high school, DiFilippo knew he wanted to get involved in student government in college. When he toured UMass Lowell, he asked a lot of questions about SGA - and he liked what he heard.

"UMass Lowell is the perfect mix for me," says DiFilippo, who has served as an SGA senator-at-large since his freshman year. "It's not too far away, it's financially accessible and I like the diversity of the community. I've quite literally made friends from around the world."

This summer, DiFilippo will make new friends on the other side of the world when he takes part in a 12-week internship in Melbourne, Australia. DiFilippo, who arranged the internship through the International Experiences & Study Abroad office, will be working full time at Startupbootcamp, an accelerator firm that helps startup companies quickly scale their businesses.

"The technology industry is booming there, so I'm really excited about the opportunity," says DiFilippo, who plans to explore as much of Australia as he can on his days off. "I've always wanted to go to Australia. It's such a beautiful country and so diverse in terms of its culture and environment."

While DiFilippo is focused on his budding consulting career (he's on the lookout for internships in Boston), he also has designs on more long-range goals.

"My dream in life is to be in politics," says DiFilippo, who is mulling a run for SGA president his senior year. "But I think that's for later in life."