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Decision 2016

Students, Faculty, Alumni and Staff Have Been Active Participants in This Historic Election

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One of the most tumultuous presidential election seasons is winding to a close and throughout it, members of the UMass Lowell community have been thoroughly engaged in the process. From students working at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to the headline-grabbing polls conducted by the Center for Public Opinion to a fall voter registration drive on campus that netted more than 400 new voters, students, faculty, alumni and staff have been active participants in this historic election.

Many students are casting their first presidential ballots this year, an act they’ll remember for years to come. Their participation, and that of the entire university community, whether through voting, scholarship or activism, ensure an informed, engaged electorate. That’s a strong indication of the health of our democracy, no matter the outcome when the ballots are tallied.

Election News

Facebook Live Q&A with Marjorie Connelly a Senior Fellow with the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and Jeffrey Berry, Chair in Political Science at Tufts University.

Meet Our Students

  • I really love the Political Science Department at UMass Lowell. The professors really want you to succeed.

    Hannah Daly researched the opioid crisis with one professor and the alt-right with another. She’s already published the results of a public opinion survey she helped design, and now she wants to use her research skills to influence public policy on behalf of women.