The Global Entrepreneurship Exchange (GE2) was established to promote and foster interdisciplinary, multicultural innovation and entrepreneurship learning, by collaborating with higher education institutions around the world.

GE2 Students in front of the Pulichino Tong Building
  • Facilitate and host the current global entrepreneurship academic program
  • Develop and promote a vision that links UMass Lowell entrepreneurial activities to the larger global community
  • Develop and promote a range of programs that engage our students and faculty in global entrepreneurship
  • Provide necessary administrative mechanism to make it a sustainable and a highly visible Program.
  • Enable the pursuit of external grants and funding for scholarships and research activities.

GE2 activities fully support three of UMass Lowell’s five Pillars of Excellence:

  • Transformational Education: A major focus on experiential and transdisciplinary learning will prepare UMass Lowell students making a difference in the world.
  • Global Engagement & Inclusive Culture: Feedback from students suggest strongly an impact made to their lives and career. Students have formed a longer-lasting bonds through these amazing experiences.
  • Innovative Research & Entrepreneurship: Students and faculty will be afforded an opportunity to work the most pressing problems and challenges faced by the world.

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