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Luvai Motiwalla

Luvai Motiwalla
Professor Luvai F. MotiwallaOIS Department Chair, Professor, FDC Steering Committee Vice Chair

Research Interests

information privacy, mobile analytics, enterprise systems, human computer interaction. Research focuses on information privacy, mobile analytics and behavioral science.

current research mainly focuses on mobile banking study with local bank, analytics and information privacy in health-care (NIH grant) and enterprise systems implementation.


  • Ph D: Business Administration, (1989), University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
    Supporting Area: Management Information Systems, Management & Policy
  • MS: Management Information Systems, (1986), University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
  • BBA: Accounting, (1983), Penn State University - Middletown, PA
  • Other: Accounting, (1979), University of Bombay - Bombay, India


Chair of OIS Department and Professor of MIS. Got his Ph.D. 1989, University of Arizona. He has two books, several journal articles in top MIS journals and recipient of four grants from NIH, NSF, Dep Edu and Davis Foundation


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  • The eOutcomes Project: Evaluating Achievement of Learning Outcomes in e-Learning Enviroments. - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, May 2008 - Baltimore, MD
  • Outcome Assessment of Learning Objectives: A Case of for using e-Learning Software - Americas Conference on Information Systems, August 2006 - Acapulco, Mexico

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • New Technology to Preserve Patient Privacy and Data Quality in Health Research (2011), Grant - NIH
    Motiwalla, L.F. (Co-Principal)
  • New Technology to Preserve Patient Privacy and Data Quality in Health Research (2011), Grant - National Institute of Health
  • Cyber Learning: Transforming Ed. TACTiLE: Technology Aided Collaborative Transformation in Learning and Education (2012), Grant - National Science Foundation
  • Consumer Electronic Privacy Protection System (2008), Grant - National Science Foundation
  • Using an Electronic Learner Management System for Outcomes Assessment Across Academic Disciplines (2006), Grant - Davis Educational Foundation
  • Using an Electronic Learner Management System for Outcomes Assessment across Academic Disciplines (2006), Grant - Davis Educational Foundation
    Tello, S.F., Carter, K., Motiwalla, L.F.

Research Currently in Progress

  • A Qualitative Study On the Adoption of Open Source Enterprise Applications. NEDSI Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA. Mar 31st.
    Motiwalla, L.F.
  • Understanding Mobile Banking Usage Behavior: An Analytics Approach.
    Motiwalla, L.F.