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Sangphil Kim

Sangphill (Phil) Kim, Ph.D. Associate Professor


Corporate finance, investments and international business

Research Interest

StartFragment Prof. Kim has research interests in international finance, corporate finance and investments. He published many papers in International Finance especially in the area of East Asia. He is known as one of the leading scholars in Korean Economy and conducted many seminars and lectures on topics regarding Korean Economy.  Through his connections in Korea, he has provided consulting services for many Korean Companies in the past.

Educational Background

Ph.D., Yon Sei University, Korea


Phil Kim is an associate professor of management in the department’s Finance Group. Prior to joining the College of Management in 1995, Dr. Kim taught Investments, Corporate Finance and International Finance at Ohio State University, Syracuse University and Bentley College. 

Professor Kim has received many professional and academic awards for his work.  Most recently, he received the best paper award at the Association of Global Business conference in Mexico. Drawing on his Korean Business background, Professor Kim has consulted with many Korean companies such as banks and plastic-related firms.  He has also served as an advisory executive board member of the Korean credit union in Boston. 

Professor Kim has been recognized by Hi, the Institution of Asian American Studies, at the University of Massachusetts Boston for his continuous involvements with Asian Small Business in the Greater Boston area.