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Edward Chen

Edward T. Chen is a Professor in the Manning School of Business - Operations and Information Systems Department at UMass Lowell.
Professor Edward T. ChenProfessor
  • College
    Manning School of Business
  • Department
    Operations and Information Systems
  • Phone
    (978) 934-2756
  • Fax
    (978) 934-4034
  • Office
    Pulichino Tong Business Center - 452
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Research Interests

Systems Analysis and Design, Knowledge Management, e-Commerce, Project Management

information technology project management, knowledge management, telemedicine, Internet of Things


  • BS: Management Science, National Chiao-Tung University - Taiwan, Republic of China
  • MBA: Information Systems, Texas Tech University - Lubbock, TX
  • Ph D: Information Systems, University of Texas at Arlington - Arlington, TX
    Supporting Area: Management Science


Dr. Edward T. Chen is a professor of Management Information Systems in the Operations and Information Systems Department. Professor Chen has received several outstanding teacher recognitions from the Student Government Association of UMass Lowell. He also received the Excellent Teaching Award from the College of Management of National Chung Cheng University and the Best Graduate Teaching Performance Award from the College of Business Administration of University of Texas at Arlington.
Professor Chen has been serving as vice-president, journal editor-in-chief, board director, editorial reviewer, track chair, session chair, and ad hoc reviewer on many professional associations in the information systems discipline. He also holds permanent memberships of honor societiesߞBeta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Iota Delta, Omega Rho, and Phi Beta Delta. Before joining UMass Lowell, Dr. Chen taught at Southeastern Louisiana University and National Chung Cheng University. Prior to his teaching career, Professor Chen worked as a systems analyst and programmer for PepsiCo, Inc. He also has served as consultant to train corporate managers.

Selected Publications

  • Chen, E.T. (UMass Lowell) (2018). Chapter 269: Green IT and the Struggle for a Widespread Adoption (pp. 3077-3085). IGI Global Publications
  • Chen, E.T. (UMass Lowell) (2017). Considerations of Telemedicine in the Delivery of Modern Healthcare. American Journal of Management, 17(3) 20-28.
  • Chen, E.T. (UMass Lowell) (2017). Chapter 6: Issues and Considerations in the Application of Data Mining in Business (pp. 117-135). Auerbach Publications
  • Chen, E.T. (UMass Lowell) (2016). Chapter 131: RFID’s and the Changing Marketplace (pp. 1858-1867). IGI Global Publications
  • Chen, E.T. (UMass Lowell) (2016). Chapter 144: Impacts of Social Media on Today’s Business (pp. 2030-2038). IGI Global Publications
  • Chen, E.T. (UMass Lowell) (2016). Chapter 6: Examining the Influence of Information Technology on Modern Health Care (pp. 110-136). IGI Global Publications
  • Chen, E.T. (UMass Lowell) (2016). Chapter 16: Virtual Team Management for Higher Performance (pp. 298-310). IGI Global Publications
  • Chen, E. (2015). The Gamification as a Resourceful Tool to Improve Work Performance (pp. 473–488). Springer
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  • Chen, E. (1978). PROGRAM COMPLEXITY AND PROGRAMMER PRODUCTIVITY. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, SE-4(3) 187-194.

Selected Presentations

  • - Northeast Decision Sciences Institute 2013 Annual Meeting, April 2013 - Brooklyn, New York
  • - 23rd International Information Management Association Annual Conference, October 2012 - Chicago, Illinois
  • - International Information Management Association Annual Conference, October 2011 - New Orleans, Louisiana
  • - Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI) Annual Conference, April 2011 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Partnership for a Sustainable and Cleaner Production of Coffee and Biofuels in Central America (), Grant - Higher Education for Development (HED)
    Chen, E., Lee, K. (Principal)
  • USAID Center for Sustainable Infrastructure in Developing Regions: The Living Waters Initiative (), Grant - U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
    Chen, E., Raudales, R. (Co-Principal), Lee, K. (Co-Principal)