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Mark Yi-Cheon Yim

Mark Yim
Dr. Mark Yi-Cheon YimAssistant Professor
  • CollegeManning School of Business
  • DepartmentMarketing Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Phone(978) 934-2909
  • OfficePulichino Tong Business Center - 231
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Research Interests

Digital marketing, Retailing/E-tailing, Luxury branding


  • Ph D: Advertising, (2011), University of Texas - Austin
  • MS: Advertising, (2005), University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, IL
  • BA: German Language and Literature, (2002), Korea University - South Korea

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Interactive Advertising (2018), Scholarship/Research - American Academy of Advertising
  • The Highest Number of Peer-Reviewed Publications & Creative Works 2016-2017 (2017), Scholarship/Research - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Best Paper Award (2017), Scholarship/Research - American Marketing Association
  • Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence: Highly Commended Paper Award Winner (2015) - International Marketing Review
  • Faculty Scholarship Award (2015) - The Wehle School of Business at Canisius College

Selected Publications

  • Yim, M.Y., Baek, T., Sauer, P.L. (2018) "I see myself in service and product consumptions: Measuring self-transformative consumption vision (SCV) evoked by static and rich media," Journal of Interactive Marketing
  • Kim, Y.K., Yim, M.Y. () "When nostalgia marketing backfires: Gender differences in the impact of nostalgia on youthfulness for older consumers," Applied Cognitive Psychology (* Equal Authorship)
  • Park, S., Yim, M.Y. () "Do celebrity endorsements benefit familiar luxury brands? A perspective from social adaption theory," Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising (accepted)
  • Yim, M.Y., Abdourazakou, Y., Sauer, P.L., Park, S. (2017) "Modelling the dimensionality effects on brand placement effectiveness in stereoscopic 3-D versus 2-D sports games," International Journal of Advertising 36: pp. 1-26
  • Yim, M.Y. (2017) "When shoppers don’t have enough self-control resources in a grocery store: Applying the strength model of self-control," Journal of Consumer Marketing 34:4 pp. 328-337
  • Yim, M.Y., Chu, S., Sauer, P.L. (2017) "Is augmented reality technology an effective tool for e-commerce? An interactivity and vividness perspective," Journal of Interactive Marketing 39: pp. 89-103
  • Yim, M.Y., Sauer, P.L., Williams, J., Lee, S., Macrury, I. (2014) "Drivers of attitudes toward luxury brands: A cross-national investigation into the roles of interpersonal influence and brand consciousness," International Marketing Review 31:4 pp. 363-389
  • Yim, M.Y., Yoo, S., Sauer, P.L., Seo, J.H. (2014) "Hedonic shopping motivation and co-shopper influence on utilitarian grocery shopping in superstores," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 42:5 pp. 528-544
  • Yim, M.Y., Cicchirillo, V., Drumwright, M. (2012) "The impact of stereoscopic 3-D advertising: The role of presence in enhancing advertising effectiveness," Journal of Advertising 41:2 pp. 113-128
  • Yim, M.Y., Park, S. (2010) "Consumer-behavior research in major advertising and marketing journals: 1997 through 2006," Social Science Review 22:2 pp. 251-282
  • Yim, M.Y., Yoo, S., Till, B., Eastin, M. (2010) "In-store video advertising effectiveness: Three new studies provide in-market field data," Journal of Advertising Research 50:4 pp. 386-402

Selected Presentations

  • How consumers respond to AR-based virtual try-on when they are not happy about themselves - American Marketing Association (AMA), August 2018 - Boston, MA
  • Do celebrity endorsements benefit luxury branding? - American Academy of Advertising (AAA), March 2018 - New York, NY
  • How consumers process information in menu books: Food marketing communications in food retail contexts - American Academy of Advertising (AAA), March 2018 - New York, NY
  • “I’d like to share it with my friends on Facebook” Investigating message strategies to encourage eWOM - Annual conference of Marketing Edge Summit, October 2017 - New Orleans, LA
  • That’s me eating the sushi: The influence of consumption visions on attitudes toward the product - Annual conference of Summer American Marketing Association (AMA), August 2017 - San Francisco, CA (Best Paper Awarded)
  • I am feeling back to those days: Three-way interaction effect of nostalgia, age, and gender on youthfulness in nostalgia marketing - Annual conference of Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), May 2017 - Coronado, CA
  • I see myself in use: Measuring the strength of consumption visions (CV) - Annual conference of American Academy of Advertising (AAA), March 2017 - Boston, MA
  • Understanding the impact of the body size of models: How guilt and shame influence consumer purchase intention - Annual Conference of Summer American Marketing Association (AMA), August 2016 - Atlanta, GA
  • Are celebrity endorsements necessary in campaigns for luxury brands? - Annual conference of Global Marketing Conference, July 2016 - Hong Kong, China
  • Brand owner’s response to a crisis: Investigating the effect of brand consciousness - Annual conference of Asian-Pacific Conference on Management and Business, June 2016 - Danang, Vietnam
  • The effectiveness of augmented reality based product presentations on consumer evaluations - Annual conference of American Academy of Advertising (AAA), March 2016 - Seattle, WA
  • Why shoppers spend more as they shop longer: A perspective from the self-control strength model - Annual conference of Summer American Marketing Association (AMA), August 2015 - Chicago, IL
  • When a brand is at risk: Strategic brand management with a focus of core competency and self-disclosure - Annual conference of American Academy of Advertising (AAA), April 2015 - Chicago, IL
  • The U-shaped relationship between hedonic shopping motivation and consumers’ changes in purchase decisions - Annual conference of Association for Consumer Research (ACR), October 2014 - Baltimore, MD
  • When highly curious consumers have high self-esteem: Maximizing the effects of augmented reality in brand communication - Annual conference of Association for Consumer Research (ACR), October 2014 - Baltimore, MD
  • When presence meets electronic technology acceptance model: Investigating consumer evaluations on augmented reality technology - Annual conference of European Advertising Academy (EAA), June 2014 - Amsterdam, Netherland
  • Do my eyes deceive me, the king has no clothes – or does he? Understanding ART in wearing virtual apparel - Annual conference of Business Research Consortium (BRC), April 2014 - Rochester, NY
  • Imagine yourself in use: Measuring the construct of consumption visions - Annual conference of Association for Consumer Research (ACR), October 2013 - Chicago, IL
  • Too much spot light: The role of celebrities in luxury brand advertising - Annual conference of American Academy of Advertising (AAA), April 2013 - Albuquerque, NM

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Direct Grant for Research (2015), Grant - the Faculty of Social Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
    Yim, M.Y. (Co-Principal), Kim, S. (Co-Principal)
  • Sakura Research Support (2013), Sponsored Research - Sakura Sushi Japanese Cuisine, Cheektowaga, NY
    Yim, M.Y. (Principal)
  • Research Support (2012), Sponsored Research - School of Education and Human Services Research Support, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY
    Yim, M.Y. (Co-Principal), Abdourazakou, Y. (Co-Principal)
  • CJ Powercast Research Support (2008), Sponsored Research - CJ Powercast Inc., Seoul, Korea
    Yim, M.Y. (Co-Principal), Yoo, S. (Co-Principal)
  • Pavonine Research Support (2007), Sponsored Research - Pavonine Korea Inc., Incheon, Korea
    Yim, M.Y. (Principal)