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Jose Godinez Gonzalez

Jose Godinez
Jose GodinezGonzalezAssistant Professor


  • Ph D: Management, (2014), University of Edinburgh Business School - Edinburgh, Scotland
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: The Effect of Corruption Distance on FDI Flows to Latin America
  • MS: International Business, (2008), University of Manchester - Manchester, UK
  • BS: Business Management, (2007), Johns Hopkins University
  • BS: Industrial Engineering, (2003), Universidad Rafael Landivar - Guatemala


Jose Godinez is an Assistant Professor of Management at the Robert J. Manning School of Business at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. His research centers on the intersection of the international business, strategy, and entrepreneurship disciplines within the business ethics framework. Specifically, he focuses on strategies designed to minimize the detrimental effects of corruption on businesses; strategies to successfully operate in institutional voids; financial inclusion; and value creation for all stakeholders of firms targeting the bottom of the pyramid. He has published his work in academic journals and has presented his research at the most important academic annual meetings. Jose Godinez also advises policymakers in his native Guatemala and serves on the board of directors of a Massachusetts-based nonprofit focusing on financial literacy for traditionally neglected populations. His education includes a PhD in management from the University of Edinburgh Business School, an MS from the University of Manchester, Alliance Business School, and a BS in Business Administration from the Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins University.

Selected Publications

  • GodinezGonzalez, J., Liu, L. (2017) "How the corruption level of the host country affects the decision- making process of allocating FDI to a highly corrupt foreign location," Journal of Business Ethics
  • GodinezGonzalez, J., Garita, M. (2016) "The Dimensions of Corruption and its Impact on FDI Decision- Making: the case of Guatemala," Business and Politics 18:2 pp. 123-141
  • GodinezGonzalez, J., Garita, M. (2015) "Corruption and Foreign Direct Investment: A Study of Guatemala," pp. 297-326
  • GodinezGonzalez, J. (2015) "Corruption and how it hinders opportunities to foreign firms investing in Latin America," IGI Global
  • GodinezGonzalez, J., Liu, L. (2015) "Corruption distance and FDI flows into Latin America," International Business Review 24:1 pp. 33-42
  • GodinezGonzalez, J., Terpstra, T. (2015) "Obstacles in the trade between China and Latin America and how to overcome them," IGI Global
  • GodinezGonzalez, J., Garita, M. (2014) "An Analysis of Central America and Eastern Europe Relative Comparative Advantages," Journal of Eastern European and Central Asian Research 1:1 pp. 95-104

Selected Presentations

  • Dealing with the unknown: How M-banking firms are succeeding when operating in an unregulated industry - Strategic Management Society, September 2016 - Berlin, Germany
  • Corruption and FDI, what happens next? Beyond the decision-making process of allocating FDI to a highly corrupt location. Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Corruption and its effects on Businesses - King’s College London, July 2016 - London
  • Towards a Decision-Making Model of Dealing with Corruption Abroad: A Top-Management Perspective - Academy of International Business Latin America Chapter, February 2016 - Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • Corruption and its effects on FDI: Analyzing the Interaction Between the Corruption Levels of the Host and Home Countries and its Effects at the Decision-Making Level - International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference, October 2015 - New York, USA
  • How M-banking firms are succeeding when operating in an unregulated industry - Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 2015 - Vancouver, Canada
  • The Dimensions of Corruption and its Impact on FDI Decision Making: The Case of Guatemala - Academy of International Business, Latin American Chapter, March 2014 - Medellin, Colombia
  • Corruption Distance and its Effect on FDI to Latin America: A New Perspective - Academy of International Business, June 2013 - Istanbul, Turkey
  • Corruption distance and foreign direct investment flows - Academy of International Business, UK Chapter., March 2013 - Birmingham, UK
  • How does corruption affect the attraction of FDI? Revisiting Internationalization: Dynamics, Diversity and Sustainability - Aalborg Centre for International Business, May 2012 - Aalborg, Denmark
  • Doctoral Colloquium Presentation - Academy of International Business, UK Chapter., March 2011 - Edinburgh, UK