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Karoline Evans

Karoline Evans
Karoline EvansAssistant Professor

Research Interests

Intragroupdynamics, team innovation, social networks

Organizational behavior, team dynamics, influence and leadership, innovation


  • Ph D: Organizational Behavior, (2016), Washington University - St. Louis, MO
  • MS: Organizational Behavior, (2013), Washington University - St. Louis, MO
  • BS: Chemical Engineering, (2005), Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA


Karoline Evans earned her PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis. Karoline’s research interests include team innovation, intragroup dynamics, and social networks. Her recent work has focused on preparing teams in crisis situations to improvise solutions. Prior to completing her PhD, Karoline worked for Accenture’s R&D Lab where she developed innovation strategy and mobile technology, specializing in utilities industries. Karoline is currently teaching Negotiation Strategy and Process.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Greenleaf Scholars Award (2012) - Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

Selected Publications

  • Evans, K., Sanner, B., Chiu, C. (2021). Shared Leadership, Unshared Burdens: How Shared Leadership Structure Schema Lowers Individual Enjoyment Without Increasing Performance. Group \& Organization Management, 1059601121997225.
  • Sanner, B., Evans, K. (2019). Deconstructing information elaboration: The critical role of framing and initial dialogue. Small Group Research, 50(4) 458--492.
  • Baer, M., Evans, K., Oldham, G.R., Boasso, A. (2015). The social network side of individual innovation A meta-analysis and path-analytic integration. Organizational Psychology Review, 5(3) 191-223.
  • Evans, K., Jang, D., Elfenbein, H.A. (2014). Motivation and emotion in multicultural psychology.
  • Simmons, H.D., Spell, R., Martinsek, E.R., Evans, K., Madigan, D.R., LaSalle, R.M. (2011). Knowledge discovery system with user interactive analysis view for analyzing and generating relationships. Google Patents
  • Baum, A., Evans, K. (2005). Modeling Concentrated Solution Transport and Accumulation in Steam Generator Tube Support Plate Crevices.

Selected Presentations

  • Mining for solutions: How expertise distribution and influence structures impact team improvisation, May 2015 - Pittsburgh, PA
  • A social network perspective on team innovation: A review, integration, and extension, August 2014 - Philadelphia, PA
  • Social networks, creativity and innovation: a meta-analysis, August 2012 - Boston, MA

Selected Intellectual Property

  • Patent - Evans, K., Simmons, H., Spell, R., Martinsek, E., Madigan, D., LaSalle, R."Knowledge discovery system with user interactive analysis view for analyzing and generating relationship," US 7,765,176 United States

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • The Effects of Transparency on Negotiation Initiation for Women and Men (2020), Grant - Donahue Center for Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
    Montag-Smit, T. (Principal), Evans, K. (Co-Principal)
  • Doctoral Fellowship (2010), Fellowship - Olin Business School
    Evans, K.
  • A Holistic Data Analytic Modeling of Health Outcomes for Different Vulnerable Risk Groups (2018), Grant - IDEA Leadership Fund
    Oztekin, A. (Principal), Knight, M. (Co-Principal), Evans, K. (Supporting), Summerfield, N. (Supporting), Lee, S. (Supporting), Ackerson, L.K. (Supporting),
  • The CARE Act: Processes Affecting the Community/Caregiver Perspective of Caring for Older Adults (2018), Grant - Manning School of Business and the Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences
    Kronrod, A. (Supporting), Knight, M. (Principal), Evans, K. (Co-Principal), Summerfield, N. (Co-Principal), Abdallah, L.M. (Co-Principal), Oztekin, A. (Supporting)
  • Moog Scholarship for outstanding student progress (2011), Contract - Olin Business School
    Evans, K.
  • Co-Inventor: Knowledge Discovery System (), Grant -
    Evans, K.
  • Andrew Carnegie Society Scholar (2004), Contract - Carnegie Mellon University
    Evans, K.
  • Carnegie Mellon Scholarship (2001), Contract - Carnegie Mellon University
    Evans, K.