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The Graduate Certificate in Financial Management is a 12 credit program designed for non-financial, mid-management professionals in the private and public sectors who wish to advance to decision-making positions within their organizations.

Individuals with undergraduate degrees in fields other than business management with finance as the major who wish to acquire additional academic credentials to advance within their organization or who wish to change career paths and improve their competitive position in the job market will benefit from this program.  

For many employees working in the technical and scientific fields without any financial background, the Financial Management certificate will provide them with the knowledge needed for decision-making roles within their technical or scientific fields.

Graduate students in the certificate program are encouraged to extend their education further by applying for admission to the Master of Science in Finance or the MBA program. Students of the GCFM who are subsequently accepted into the MSF or MBA program may apply certificate courses with grades of B or better toward their master's degree requirements.
Admissions Requirements:
Undergraduate degree in science, engineering, technology or business. Other areas will be considered in consultation with the program coordinator.
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