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Are you a DifferenceMaker?

  • You like to solve problems
  • You want to help shape the future
  • You hope to make a difference in your community - or in the world
  • You thrive in a supportive or collaborative environment

Sound like you? Get involved!

A team demonstrates their entry at the DifferenceMaker 2014 Francis College of Engineering Prototyping Competition.

Idea Challenge

We received almost 50 applications for the 2016 $35K Idea Challenge! Please remember to join our workshop series to help you prepare.


Workshop Series

Do you need help preparing for the Idea Challenge? 

Join our workshops series in February to help prepare you for the $35K Idea Challenge in April!

Real-Life DifferenceMakers

  • Hydraulic Walker

    Hydraulic Walker


    The Hydraulic Walker utilizes hydraulics, allowing for the legs to be quickly adjusted, so that it can be used on stairs.

  • Playable Therapy

    Playable Therapy


    Playable Therapy connects video games and physical therapy.

  • Nonspec 



    Nonspec participated in the first annual DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge where they received the prestigious title of “The Campus Wide DifferenceMaker” and the top award of $5,000.