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Are you a DifferenceMaker?

  • You like to solve problems
  • You want to help shape the future
  • You hope to make a difference in your community - or in the world
  • You thrive in a supportive or collaborative environment

Sound like you? Get involved!

A team demonstrates their entry at the DifferenceMaker 2014 Francis College of Engineering Prototyping Competition.

4th annual DifferenceMAker Idea Challenge

Join us on April 13th in Moloney Hall from 5-8:30pm to support the 10 finalist DifferenceMaker teams as they pitch-off to win a portion of $35K in funding. We hope to see you there!


Differencemaker Blog

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Real-Life DifferenceMakers

  • Solar Electric Vehicles

    Solar Electric Vehicles


    Solar Electric Vehicles allow people to travel by the energy of the sun.

  • BASH 



    BASH plans to create and implement a new waste management system for the city of Les Cayes, Haiti.

  • SmartEater 



    SmartEater is an Automated Diet Monitoring (ADM) System designed to help people manage their dietary behavior.