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Nonspec , DifferenceMakers

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Nonspec provides low cost high functionality replacement limbs with an acceptable amount of customization for children in other nations.
Nonspec (previously known as Developing Nation Prosthetics) provides low cost, high functionality replacement limbs with an acceptable amount of customization for children in other nations. The team consists of Katherine Cain, Jonathan De Alderete, Brendan Donoghue, Sean Gibson, Olivia Keane and Erin Keaney with majors in plastics and mechanical engineering, as well as minors in business administration and history.
From the start, Nonspec showed dedication and enthusiasm by attending each DifferenceMaker educational workshop and event throughout the Idea Challenge process. The team participated in the 2013 first annual DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge where they received the prestigious title of “The Campus Wide DifferenceMaker” and the top award of $5,000. This top prize represents the project most likely to make a significant difference in the community, region and the world.
The $5,000 award has allowed Nonspec to move their initiative forward by creating their first batch of prosthetic limbs. With a projected 15% market share in the next five years. Nonspec plans to use this market presence to launch a foundation called “Give a Hand.” The purpose of this foundation would be to spread their mission, goals, charitable cause, and products around the world in order to make a difference in developing nations. 
Since Nonspec’s success at the Idea Challenge, they have gained great publicity in other arenas. They were recently named one of the top 10 semi-finalists in Entrepreneur® Magazine’s “College Entrepreneur of 2013 Contest.” In addition, they attended The International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) “Plastics Application Design Competition”, held in October 2013 in Miami, Florida. They won first place, receiving $1,000 and additional promotion for their project. They had 20 minutes to present their project to an audience and answer any field questions that arose. Due to the team's motivation and high entrepreneurial spirits they were utilized as a role model by being featured in a video that was shown at all DifferenceMaker freshman orientation sessions throughout the summer.