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Monthly Updates

Monthly Updates


Timeline Application Instructions
February 2
Reduced Course Load Applications Due Today

If you are under-enrolled and have not submitted the RCL application by February 2, your immigration status will be at risk of termination.

*ISSO Staff will complete the final review of all RCL applications within 10 days after the end of the Add/Drop period.*

Apply for an RCL if:

  • You are in your last semester and do not need a full course load to complete your degree requirements.
  • You are a Thesis student who finished your required coursework and will be registered for a 1 credit thesis review.

February 19

Optional Practical Training Application Period Begins

View our OPT Guide Here

Students graduating this semester may submit their OPT applications starting on February 19. 

The OPT Guide and application can be found on the "FORMS" tab of our website.

DUE: 3 Weeks Prior to Your End Date (Listed on Visa Document)

Extension Application


Apply for an extension if:
  • Your visa document end date is approaching and you have required credits remaining to complete your degree. 


Date / Time Reason Instructions
February 2

Last Day to:

Add a Course With a Permission Number

Drop a Course Without Record

Change Enrollment Status From: Audit to Credit; Credit to Audit; "Pass-No-Credit" to Letter Grade; Letter Grade to "Pass-No-Credit"

You may add and drop classes through SIS. Please contact
The Solution Center for further assistance.

View The Solution Center Webpage Here

February 19 President's Day - University Closed In observance of President's Day, the University will be closed Monday, February 19 and will reopen on Tuesday, February 20.
Begin the Process as Soon as Possible Inviting Family and Friends to the U.S. 

You do not need a letter from ISSO to invite family & friends to the U.S.

 View Instructions Here