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Access I-94 Admission Record

Accessing your I-94 admission record

All international students & scholars entering the United States must have a I-94 Admission Record. Your most recent I-94 can be accessed Department of Homeland Security website. If you entered the U.S. prior to April 2013 or were approved for a Change of Status, your I-94 record may be a paper copy in your passport or on your receipt notice.

We recommend accessing your I-94 after each re-entry into the United States to ensure you entered on the appropriate visa status, "Class of Admission" (F-1 or J-1), and that the "Admit Until Date" reflects D/S (Duration of Status). If you find an error on your Travel History, your I-94 Admission record or you simply cannot access your I-94 record through the online portal, please contact immediately, so we may assist you in retrieving this record. Failure to accessing your I-94 could result in delays for time-sensitive applications, including OPT, CPT, and more.