School of Nursing

The role of nurses has evolved, and today's nurses care for patients in community settings as well as in hospitals, attend to the needs of the growing number of older Americans, and work within the managed care system. UMass Lowell is a leader in shaping nursing education to meet the needs of the health care community of today, through excellence in the discovery, application, integration and dissemination of knowledge.

Meet Our Faculty

Margaret Laccetti, Ph.D., RN, AOCN, ACHPNAssistant Professor, School of NursingOncology; palliative care;  pain management; new graduate nurse residency program development; leadership development for nurse managers and directors.
Amy McCarron, DNP, FNP-BCLecturer, NursingFamily preventative care and health promotion, management of chronic disease
Susan M. Reece, D.N.Sc., C.S., P.N.P.Professor Emeritus, NursingHealth promotion across the lifespan
Dorothy Brewin, Ph.D., CNM Assistant Professor , Nursing 
Karen Devereaux Melillo, Ph.D., APRN, BC, FAANPDirector & Chair, Professor, Principal Investigator, School of Nursing, Bring Diversity to NursingGerontological Nursing
Annette McDonough, Ph.D., RNAssistant Professor, NursingAdult/Pediatrics Critical Care and Trauma
Valerie King, DNP FNP-BCClinical Assistant Professor, Nursing 
May Futrell, Ph.D., FAAN, FGSAProfessor Emeritus, NursingInternationally renowned scholar and educator and a pioneer in the development of the gerontological nurse practitioner program.
Lea Dodge, M.S., RNLecturer, Nursing 
Sandra Mote, M.S., C.S., A.R.N.P.Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing Teaching Undergraduate and Graduate students to design and lead therapeutic groups. Mental health care promotion.
Celeste Tremblay, Ed.D., R.N., C.N.E.Assistant Professor (Clinical Track), Nursing  Clinical expertise is in the areas of nursing administration, critical care, medical/surgical and maternity nursing.
Yuan Zhang, Ph.D., R.N.Assistant Professor, NursingOccupational health, shift work and sleep health, health-care workforce.
Lori Keough, PhD, M.Ed, FNP-BC
Assistant Professor , School of Nursing Advanced practice nursing, care of children and families, adolescent medicine, health disparities, nursing education, curriculum development and evaluation 
Anya Peters, Ph.D., RN, CNEAssistant Professor, NursingCardiothoracic/Cardiovascular Nursing
Ainat Koren, Ph.D., RNAssociate Professor, Nursing, Center for Health Promotion & Research Reproductive Health, Pediatrics, & Program Evaluation
Ramraj Gautam, Ph.DLecturer, Nursing 
Margaret Knight, Ph.D., APRN, BCAssociate Professor, NursingPsychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist
Shellie Simons, Ph.D., RNAssociate Professor, Nursing 
Betty D. Morgan, Ph.D., PMHCNS-BCAssociate Professor Emeritus, Nursing, Center for Health Promotion & Research 
Jennifer Wilber, MS, RNClinical Assistant Professor, Coordinator, RN-BS degree completion option, Nursing 
Angela Nannini, FNP, Ph.D.Associate Professor, NursingHealth policy, health equity, population health, women’s health across the life span, health-care workforce
Heidi Collins Fantasia, Ph.D., RN, WHNP-BCAssistant Professor, NursingWomen’s Health
Barbara Mawn, RN, Ph.D.Professor, Director of the Ph.D. Program, Nursing 
Jacqueline S. Dowling, Ph.D., R.NAssociate Professor, Director of Baccalaureate Program, Nursing 
Tanya Coutu, MS, RNClinical Assistant Professor, Nursing 
Diana McAuliffe, MN, RNVisiting Faculty Lecturer, Nursing 
Lisa M. Abdallah, Ph.D, RNAssociate Chair and Associate Professor, NursingLong Term Care, Quality Improvement Initiatives in Nursing Homes, Nurse Practitioner Practice Models in Nursing Homes.
Laurie Soroken, M.S., RN CSAssistant Professor (Clinical Track), Nursing 
Kathy Patch, MSN, ARNP, PMHCNS-BCVisiting Professor, School of Nursing 

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