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For Managers

Managers have a key role in the success of employees during every phase of their careers at UMass Lowell.

Employee On-Boarding/Entering UMass Lowell

Congratulations on hiring a new employee. The following checklist is designed to help you prepare for the employee’s introduction to UMass Lowell from the very first work day through the entire first year of employment. Please encourage new employees to acquire new skills, meet changing customer expectations, find ways to contribute to UMass Lowell’s mission and vision, and continue to enjoy a rewarding career experience.

Employee Off-Boarding/Exiting UMass Lowell

If an employee separation occurs (resignation, termination, retirement, transfer, etc.), certain steps should be taken to successfully exit the employee. The purpose of this section is to outline the notification process and the expectations on collecting assets and removing access when an employee separates from the University.


The supervisor should email when an employee separation occurs (resignation, termination, retirement, transfer, etc.). If the employee is voluntarily resigning or retiring, a letter from the employee should accompany the email notification. Completed checklists (Manager Off-boarding checklist/Faculty & Staff Off-boarding Checklist) should be forwarded to Human Resources and Equal Opportunity & Outreach to be included in the employee personnel file. Benefited employees will receive Benefit entitlements upon separation of employment. Non-benefitted employees should contact the Benefits office for withdrawal of their SMART plan funds (if applicable).


Employees are required to turn in all University property to their supervisors, including identification, ProCard, keys, tools, computers, mobile and cellular devices or other equipment on or before their last day of work.


Access to services that utilize UMass Lowell’s Single-Sign-On credentials are automatically removed on the 15th day following the termination date. This includes, but not limited to, access to email, network file shares, and PeopleSoft applications (Finance, HR Direct, SiS).


The direct supervisor is responsible for ensuring that technology access to departmental and services not utilizing enterprise credentials (i.e. local accounts) are disabled in a timely manner. It is advised that individual access to these systems is documented via the new hire checklist or other consistent methods within the department.

For full Off-boarding procedures and steps please refer to the Employee Off-Boarding Policy located in the HR Policy Portal.

Below, you will find checklists, a knowledge transfer guide and a sample transition toolkit which have been developed to assist managers through the off-boarding process: