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Robert Kuzendorf
Robert Kunzendorf, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus


Cognitive psychology, statistics, psychology of consciousness, abnormal psychology

Research Interest

Since retiring in 2014, Prof. Kunzendorf has published his sixth and final book—On the evolution of conscious sensation, conscious imagination, and consciousness of self—and he has been writing songs that are informed by his past research on symbolic images, psychophysical parallels, and existential issues (

Educational Background

Ph.D.: Cognitive Psychology, (1979), University of Virginia - Charlottesville, VA
B.A.: Psychology, (1973), Yale University - New Haven, CT


Robert Kunzendorf, Ph.D., is first author of more than 100 scholarly articles, is author of the 2015 book On the Evolution of Conscious Sensation, Conscious Imagination, and Consciousness of Self, is co-author of the 2013 book Envisioning the Dream through Art and Science, is editor of the 1991 book Mental Imagery, and is co-editor of three scholarly books: the 2000 book Individual Differences in Conscious Experience, the 1996 book Hypnosis and Imagination, and the 1990 book Psychophysiology of Mental Imagery.

In retirement, Prof. Kunzendorf enjoys playing guitar and composing existential songs, love songs for his wife, hiking songs, and ”grampa” songs for his children and grandchildren.

Awards and Honors

  • Who's Who Among America's Teachers (six-time honoree)
  • Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare
  • Who's Who in Science and Engineering