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Ivy Ho

Ivy Ho, Ph.D. Associate Professor


Health psychology, psychophysiology, victimization & women's health

Research Interest

Dr. Ho's research focuses on health psychology and women’s health issues, especially in relation to the physical health impact of trauma. She studies how the body responds to stress in daily life and in social relationships, and how these responses might lead to long term health outcomes. She is particularly interested in learning about the difficulties trauma survivors experience within their interpersonal relationships. She is also interested in working with healthcare providers to improve mental and physical health services for women who have experienced trauma.

Educational Background

B. A., University of Kentucky

M.A., University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Ph.D., University of Louisville.


Dr. Ho completed her clinical psychology internship at University of Florida Health Sciences Center (2003-04), and previously held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center from 2004-06.

She has previously taught research methods, and will be teaching courses related to biological and health psychology.