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Ashleigh Hillier

Ashleigh Hillier, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Director


Neuropsychology, psychophysiology & autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Research Interest

Dr. Hillier’s main research interests include neuropsychology, psychophysiology, and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The focus of her research is the processing and understanding of affective material among those on the autism spectrum. 
Dr. Hillier’s research includes investigations of emotional memory, physiological responsiveness and subsequent memory for emotion eliciting stimuli, and the effects of psychosocial stress on cognition among those with ASD.
Dr. Hillier’s applied research focuses on evaluating various program interventions for those with ASD including a music program "SoundScape",  a physical exercise program "Fit and Fun", an art / technology program "Steampunkinetics", a Movie Club, a college preparation mentoring program "Horizons", a social networking group "The Network", and various programs for UMass Lowell students with ASD including "Connections" and the "Student to Student Mentoring Program".

Educational Background

Ph.D. Psychology University of Lincoln, U.K.; Post-doctoral fellow, The Ohio State University Department of Neurology.


Before joining the Department of Psychology at UMass Lowell, Dr. Hillier was a Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Scientist at the Department of Neurology at the Ohio State University. Dr. Hillier has also held positions at Ohio University and Westminster University in London. Dr. Hillier has taught General, Cognitive, and Biological Psychology courses.