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Meg Bond

Meg Bond
Meg A. BondProfessor, Director of CWW

Research Interests

Community psychology, workplace diversity and interpersonal dynamics


  • Ph D: Clinical/Community Psychology, (1983), University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Social Support and Advocacy: Comparative Case Studies of Four Women's Organizations
  • MA: Clinical Psychology, (1976), University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: The Effects of Interdependence on Interpersonal Relationships
  • BA: Psychology, (1974), Stanford University - Stanford, CA

Awards and Honors

  • Ethnic Minority Mentoring Award (2009) - Society for Community Research and Action
  • Fellow (2004) - Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
  • Fellow (2004) - Society for the Psychology of Women
  • Award for Special Contributions to the Society for Community Research and Action (2001) - Society for Community Research and Action
  • University in the City Scholar (1997) - Community Outreach Partnership Center sponsored by the Center for Family, Work and Community
  • Award for Contributions to Diversity and Excellence (1996) - Council on Diversity and Pluralism, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Honorable Mention for Contributions to the Community (1996) - Office for Community Service, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Fellow (1994) - American Psychological Association
  • Fellow (1994) - Society for Community Research and Action


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Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Making WAVES (women academics valued and engaged in STEM): Disrupting Microaggressions to Propagate Institutional Transformation. (2016), - National Science Foundation.
    Bond, M.A. (Co-Principal), Moloney, J. (Principal), Chen, J. (Co-Principal), Ruths, M. (Co-Principal), Sobkiwicz-Kline, . (Co-Principal)
  • ADVANCE Institutional Transformation at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (2016), Grant - National Science Foundation
    Sobkowicz Kline, M.J. (Co-Principal), Bond, M.A. (Co-Principal), Moloney, J. (Principal), Ruths, M. (Co-Principal), Chen, J. (Co-Principal)
  • Collaborative Research: Institutional Networks and Continuous Learning to UnDo E (2012), Grant -
    Bond, M.A. (Co-Principal)
  • Handbook of Community Psychology (2012), -
    Bond, M.A. (Principal)
  • "Healthy Diversity in Massachusetts: Supporting our Diverse Healthcare Workforce through Innovative Partnerships." (2011), Grant - UMass Presidents' Creative Economy Fund
  • "Healthy Diversity: Organizational Staffing Policies and Practices to Promote Culturally Relevant Health Care in Community Health Centers." (2010), Grant - Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
  • Healthy Diversity Project (2010), Grant - University Research Seed Grant
  • support research and scholarship among UML faculty (2010), Grant - University Research Grant
  • Healthy Diversity: Organizational Policies & Practices to Promote Culturally Rele (2009), -
    Bond, M.A. (Principal)
  • Development and pilot of IDEA Communities (Interdisciplinary Exchange and Advancement) (2009), Grant - Office of the Vice Provost for Research
    Bond, M.A.
  • Project Working W.I.S.E. (2006), Grant - National Science Foundation
  • "Women-Owned Businesses in Lowell: Understanding the Local in Broader Context" (1998), Grant - CITA (Committee on Industrial Theory and Assessment)
  • Center for Women & Work for research in collaboration with the Center for Public Health in the New England Workplace (1998), Grant - Committee of Federated Centers and Institutes (CFCI)
  • CWW's Annual Spring Forum Gathering at the Well on issues related to women and work (1999), Grant -
  • Mentoring Emerging Women Scholars (2005), Grant -
  • WAGE Project (2005), Contract - WAGE Project, Inc (Women Acting to Get Even)
    Bond, M.A.
  • develop a compendium of diversity-related measures (2002), Contract - National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH)
  • intensive case study, consultation, and training on issues of workplace diversity (1995), Grant - Eastman Gelatine Corporation
  • Survey of women-owned businesses (Lowell) (2001), Grant -
  • Work-Life Integration Network of Merrimack Valley (2001), Grant -
  • "Women-Owned Businesses in Lowell: Understanding the Local in Broader Context" (2001), Grant - CITA (Committee on Industrial Theory and Assessment
    Bond, M.A.
  • "Principles for Valuing Diversity in the Community." (2000), Grant - Joseph P. Healey Endowment
  • evaluation of a body image/eating disorders prevention program with Girls Inc. of Lowell (2000), Grant - Council on Diversity and Pluralism
  • Forums for Building Connections among Women Business Owners, Community Constituencies, and the Center for Women and Work (2000), Grant -
  • Consultant (2000), Contract - Engelhard Corporation
    Bond, M.A.
  • Project to extend outreach into the Lowell community through CWW Web Page and Radio Programs (1999), Grant -
  • UML staff related to issues of work climate, stress, and health/work outcomes (1999), Grant - Council on Diversity and Pluralism
  • develop a resource library and online resource connections to help faculty in the integration of gender and diversity issues into their courses (1999), Grant - General Education Support Grant
    Bond, M.A.
  • interdisciplinary research bridging economics and psychology regarding the factors impeding or facilitating diversity in the workplace (1993), Grant - Committee on Industrial Theory and Assessment Grants (CITA)
  • Women's Centers in New England (1998), Grant - Committee on Industrial Theory and Assessment (CITA)
    Bond, M.A.
  • Take ALL Our Daughters to College Day (1995), Grant -
  • Dynamics of Interpersonal Learning: Peaceful Problem Solving for a Multicultural World. (1994), Grant - Task Force on Teaching and Learning Excellence
  • From the Classroom to the Community: Women's Lives in a Changing World (1994), Grant - Teaching and Learning Fund
  • Multicultural Peer Leadership Conference (1993), Grant -
    Bond, M.A.
  • Sexual Harassment in Academic Settings (1990), Grant - Chancellor's Office
  • Board development and coalition building for Illinois agencies serving persons with low incidence developmental disabilities (1986), Grant - Illinois Governor's Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities