The philosophy department at UML offers faculty with diverse areas of expertise and course offerings on a wide range of important and engaging topics.

Philosophy asks big questions about all aspects of life. From considering the nature of the universe and contemplating good and evil to studying the basic components of arguments, philosophy can apply to almost any part of human experience, big or small.

Course Offerings

Our faculty are versed in all the major areas of philosophy: ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, and aesthetics. Students studying philosophy at UML might take courses in metaphysics, considering the nature of the human mind, science, technology, logic, and reality. Our ethics courses start with the basics and expand to an examination of issues in biomedical science, engineering and technology, the nature of evil, and the law. The department also offers a significant number of courses considering social problems and identity, and students can learn about race and gender, issues in immigration, ethnicity, and religion. Finally, students will also have the option to explore media and society, and can study the philosophy of film, popular culture, and humor. Learn more about our philosophy program.


In addition to a diverse and engaging curriculum, our faculty are engaged in many innovative and exciting research projects. Faculty in the philosophy department work in traditional areas of philosophy, as well as in the areas of public philosophy and grant research opportunities. Students will also complete their own research projects in collaboration with a philosophy faculty member in capstone and practicum senior year. Learn more about our ever-growing and expanding research.

Community Events

Students in philosophy will also have the opportunity to participate in various community events throughout the academic year. The department hosts a film series at the Luna Theater each semester, hosts open house events, end of the year and semester celebrations, reading groups, and more. Learn about upcoming events.

Career Options

You might be wondering: what can I do with a philosophy degree? There are many options for a philosophy graduate. After graduation, philosophy majors go to law school, medical school, business school, seminary and graduate school in a range of fields from art business and education to gender studies and philosophy. They might also work for business consulting firms and nonprofits, or become writers, teachers and web designers. Philosophy is also an excellent major for those considering a career in law. For more information, check out the “What Can I Do with This Major?” tool.

High Earning Potential

Did you know philosophy majors have some of the highest earning potentials among humanities majors? The Wall Street Journal list, “Degrees That Pay You Back,” shows philosophy majors have the highest increase in yearly earnings from starting median salary to mid-career salary at 103.5 percent. Philosophy is the top-earning humanities major, ranking above chemistry, accounting and business management for midcareer earning potential.

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