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Jenifer Whitten-Woodring

Jenifer Whitten-Woodring Image
Jenifer M. Whitten-Woodring, Ph.D.Associate Professor and Director of Global Studies Ph.D. Program

Research Interests

Media & Politics; Human Rights; Repression & Dissent; International Communication; Political Communication and Research Methods.


  • Ph D: Politics and International Relations, (2010), University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: The Fabled Fourth Estate: Media Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights
  • MS: Radio, Television and Film, (1989), Syracuse University - Syracuse, NY
  • Other: Communication, (1987), Emerson College - Boston, MA

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Center for Women and Work Associate (2011) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (2010)
  • Best Paper in International Communication (2009) - Section of the International Studies Association
  • The Letty and Peter Toma Prize (2009), Scholarship/Research

Selected Publications

  • Whitten-Woodring, J.M. (2016) "News about Her: The Effects of Media Freedom and Internet Access on Women’s Rights", Journal of Human Rights 15:3 pp. 383–407
  • Whitten-Woodring, J.M., Hutchison, M.L., Schiano, S. (2016) "When the Fourth Estate Becomes a Fifth Column The Effect of Media Freedom and Social Intolerance on Civil Conflict", The International Journal of Press/Politics 21:2 pp. 165–187
  • Whitten-Woodring, J.M., Van Belle, D. (2015) "The Correlates of Media Freedom: An Introduction of the Global Media Freedom Dataset", Political Science Research and Methods
  • Whitten-Woodring, J.M. (2015) "The Role of Media in the Repression-Protest Nexus: A Game Theoretic Model", The Journal of Conflict Resolution 59:6 pp. 1017-42
  • Whitten-Woodring, J.M., A. Van Belle, D. (2014) "Historical Guide to World Media Freedom a Country-by-Country Analysis", Sage Reference/CQ Press
  • Whitten-Woodring, J.M., James, P. (2012) "Fourth Estate or Mouthpiece? A Formal Model of Media, Protest, and Government Repression", Political Communication 29:2 pp. 113-136
  • Whitten-Woodring, J.M. (2009) "Watchdog or Lapdog? Media Freedom, Regime Type, and Government Respect for Human Rights", International Studies Quarterly 3 pp. 595