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Jenna Vinson

Jenna Vinson
Jenna VinsonAssistant Professor
  • CollegeCollege of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • DepartmentEnglish
  • Phone(978) 934-4655
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Research Interests

Rhetoric and Composition, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Discourses of Teenage Pregnancy and Motherhood, Visual Rhetoric, Embodied Rhetoric, Feminist Theory and Pedagogy, Professional Writing, Community Outreach, Action-Oriented Research, and Service Learning


  • Ph D: Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English, (2013), University of Arizona
    Supporting Area: Gender and Women?s Studies
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: _Teenage Mothers as Rhetors and Rhetoric: An Analysis of Embodied Exigence and Constrained Agencyî Drs. Adela C. Licona (Chair), Amy Kimme Hea, and Sally Stevens Comprehensive Exams, Pass with Distinction, Oct. 2010
  • MA: Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English, (2008), University of Arizona
  • BA: English and Creative Writing, (2006), University of Arizona


Jenna Vinson specializes in feminist rhetorical studies. She is currently researching contemporary representations of teenage pregnancy that sustain problematic ways of thinking about women and the strategies some young mothering women use to resist these representations. Her articles have appeared in journals such as Feminist Formations, Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, and most recently Sex Education: Sexuality, Society, and Learning. She has written chapters for edited collections including Motherhood Online and the 21st Century Motherhood Movement. She recently served as a funded scholar with the Crossroads Collaborative, a research initiative funded by the Ford Foundation to study and support youth, sexuality, health, and rights in Arizona.


  • Vinson, J.E. (2015) "I Was the One Who Opened My Legs: The Tropes and Consequences of Blaming Pregnant and Mothering Teens," Demeter Press pp. 82-104
  • Vinson, J.E., Stevens, S. (2014) "Preventing Pregnancy OR Supporting Students? Learning from the Stories of Young Mothers," Sexuality Research and Social Policy pp. 322-336
  • Vinson, J.E. (2014) "Zines in Third Space: Radical Cooperation and Borderlands Rhetoric by Adela C. Licona," Community Literacy Journal Community Literacy Journal 9:1 pp. 92-95
  • Vinson, J.E. (2013) "Review of Lorena Garcia, Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself: Latina Girls and Sexual Identity," Community Literacy Journal 8:1 pp. 127–130
  • Stevens, S., Morgan-Thompson, E., Vinson, J.E., Greene, A., Powell, C., Licona, A., Russell, S. (2013) "Informing Sexuality Education through Youth-Generated Anonymous Questions," Sex Education: Sexuality, Society, and Learning 13.1: pp. S84-S90
  • Vinson, J.E. (2013) "Teenage mothers as rhetors and rhetoric: An analysis of Embodied Exigence and Constrained Agency," The University of Arizona.
  • Vinson, J.E. (2012) "Covering National Concerns about Teenage Pregnancy: A Visual Rhetorical Analysis of Images of Pregnant and Mothering Women," Feminist Formations 24:2 pp. 140–162


  • Building a Border between Children and Adults: The Social Construction and Rhetorical Function of Adolescence - Rhetoric Society of American Conference, May 2014 - San Antonio, TX
  • Re-Producing Pathologies: The Problems with the Stories We Tell about Teen Moms in Pregnancy Prevention Campaigns - Baruch College Public Affairs Faculty Research Seminar, April 2014 - New York, NY
  • (Teen) Mama Knows Best?: The Role of Experts, Editors, and Experimental Knowledge in Testimonies about Teenage Pregnancy - Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) Conference, September 2013 - Palo Alto, CA
  • Putting Feminist Rhetorical Analysis to Public Use: Methods and Ethical Implications of Community Research Briefs - Conference on College Composition and Communication, March 2013 - Las Vegas, NV
  • Do You Know Who the Father Is?: A Rhetorical Analysis of Confrontations Between Strangers and Teenage Mothers - Rhetoric Society of America Conference, May 2012 - Philadelphia, PA
  • Embodied Exigence: Teenage Pregnancy as Kairotic for Rhetorical Exchange - Conference on College Composition and Communication, March 2012 - St. Louis, MO
  • How to Write a Resume - Workshop at Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services, January 2012 - Tucson, AZ
  • Teenage Mom Counter-Narratives Within and Without the Web: Theorizing Web-Based Feminist Narrative Analysis - Feminism(s) & Rhetoric(s) Conference, October 2011 - Mankato, MN
  • Observing Place or Strolling Space?: The Potentials of Strollingê as an Analytical Practice - The Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference, October 2011 - Tempe, AZ
  • Youth-Centered Action Research: Fostering an Inclusive Civil Discourse - New Start Academic Conference with Londie Martin, July 2011 - Tucson, AZ
  • Beyond the Seminar Paper: Supporting Feminist Activist Rhetoric in Graduate Courses - Conference on College Composition and Communication, April 2011 - Atlanta, Georgia
  • Responding to Community Exigencies: Resistance as Seizing Kairotic Moments for Writing and Public Action - Conference on College Composition and Communication, April 2011 - Atlanta, Georgia
  • Busting Myths about Teenage Pregnancy - Dr. Maureen Kelly's Undergraduate Adolescent Development Course in Family Studies, March 2011 - Tucson, AZ
  • The Potentials and Paradoxes of Teenage Mother Narratives as Counter-Rhetorics - National Women's Studies Association Conference, November 2010 - Denver, CO
  • Teen Moms in the Media: Gender, Race, and Class Stereotypes - Dr. Marissa Juarez's New Start Freshman Composition Course, June 2010 - Tucson, AZ
  • Critiquing the Move: The Embodied Exigence of the Pregnant Teen Mother and the Disembodied Scholar - Feminism(s) & Rhetoric(s) Conference, October 2009 - Lansing, MI
  • Confronting Social Change and Agency in Service-Learning - The Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference, October 2009 - Salt Lake City, UT
  • Countering Images of Teen Mothers in the Media: Rhetorical Strategies of Resistance on Girl- - Southwest Texas Popular/America Cultural Conference, February 2009 - Albuquerque, NM
  • Surveilling Women's Bodies: What Does the Rhetoric Against Teenage Pregnancy Do for Women? - Feminism(s) & Rhetoric(s) Civic Discourse Conference, October 2007 - Little Rock, AR
  • Villainous Experts vs. Magical Strippers: Investigating the Rhetorical Strategies of Teen Mothersê Counter-Narratives - New Directions in Critical Theory Conference, April 2007 - Tucson, AZ
  • From Christian Morality to Hyper-sexuality: Disney's Adaptation of The Little Mermaid - Southwest Texas Popular/America Cultural Conference, February 2007 - Albuquerque, NM