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Dr. Jason RydbergAssistant Professor

Research Interests

Prisoner Reentry Sex Offender Policy Program Evaluation Quantitative Methods

Selected Publications

  • Rydberg, J., Carkin, D.M. (2017) "Utilizing Alternate Models for Analyzing Count Outcomes," Crime & Delinquency 63:1 pp. 61–76
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  • Rydberg, J., Grommon, E., Huebner, B., Pleggenkuhle, B. (2016) "Examining the Correlates of Sex Offender Residence Restriction Violation Rates," Journal of Quantitative Criminology pp. 1–23
  • Socia, K., Rydberg, J. (2016) "Sex Offender Legislation and Policy," Routledge
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  • Rydberg, J., Stone, R., McGarrell, E.F. (2016) "Utilizing Incident-Based Crime Data to Inform Strategic Interventions A Problem Analysis of Violence in Michigan," Justice Research and Policy 17:1 pp. 3–27
  • Rydberg, J., Grommon, E. (2015) "Elaborating the Correlates of Firearm Injury Severity: Combining Criminological and Public Health Concerns," Victims & Offenders 10:3 pp. 318-340
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  • Rydberg, J., Pizarro, J.M. (2014) "Victim Lifestyle as a Correlate of Homicide Clearance," Homicide Studies: An Interdisciplinary & International Journal 18:4 pp. 342-362
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  • Dooley, B.D., Rydberg, J. (2014) "Irreconcilable Differences? Examining Divergences in the Orientations of Criminology and Criminal Justice Scholarship, 1951–2008," Journal of Criminal Justice Education 25:1 pp. 84-105

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Impact of the First Pre-Arraignment Adult Diversion Alternatives Program (ADAP) in the Wake of the Opioid Epidemic (2018), Grant - University of Massachusetts Lowell, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Sustainability Engagement & Enrichment Development (S.E.E.D.) Fund
    Walter, A.W. (Principal), Rydberg, J. (Co-Principal)