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Wilson Palacios

Wilson Palacios faculty bio headshot image
Wilson PalaciosAssociate Professor and Master's Program Director
  • CollegeCollege of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • DepartmentSchool of Criminology and Justice Studies


  • Palacios, W., Miller, J. (2015) "Qualitative Research in Criminology," Transaction Publishers
  • Pfeifer, H.L., Alarid, L.F., Sims, B.A., Palacios, W. (2014) "Improving the Quality of Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meetings: Where do we go from here?," Journal of Criminal Justice Education 25:3 pp. 259-274
  • Heimer, R., Barbour, R., Palacios, W., Nichols, L.G., Grau, L.E. (2014) "Associations between injection risk and community disadvantage among suburban injection drug users in southwestern Connecticut, USA," AIDS and Behavior 18:3 pp. 452-463